TikTok: Supermarket shopper’s controversial act with broccoli divides the internet

A thrifty buyer revealed that she always snaps off the stems of her broccoli in stores in an effort to cut the cost of her grocery bill.

Meia Carter, Del WEshared a now viral file Tick ​​tock video showing herself tossing two stalks into the pile of broccoli before going to the checkout.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: The Sneaky Shopper’s Money-Saving Trick.

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The footage shows the audacious shopper holding up a plastic bag full of broccoli crowns, because he refuses to pay extra for the stalks, as the vegetable is charged by weight.

Breaking stems is not only frowned upon, but buyers have considered the act “theft.”

“I’m not paying for these (stems), so I take them off and throw them away,” the 41-year-old said.

“I will only pay for what I will eat”.

The buyer pulls the stems off his broccoli. Credit: mimicarter81/TikTok

In a follow-up video, Meia explained how she snaps stems when she’s grocery shopping.

“So when I’m in the shop, (if) the stems are really long, I just break them,” she said.

He said most of the time he just cuts the stems with a pocket knife he carries around.

“I just leave the stems in the shop, I don’t need them, you can all have them,” he said.

His video has received more than 6.4 million views, with thousands divided by his monetary strategy method.

“Genius,” said one.

‘I’ve been doing this for years’

Another applauded her, saying, “Go 100 percent girl, don’t waste your money, times are tough as it is.”

One asked, “Wait, is that allowed? I’m in.”

Another added, “I’ll do it from now on.”

One confessed, “Ah… I’ve been doing this for years.”

While another said: “Every little saving helps. It all comes back. Good on you for shopping wisely.

The buyer says he doesn’t use the stems, so he refuses to pay for them. Credit: mimicarter81/TikTok

She’s not the only one throwing away excess products in stores.

“I’m one of those people who take a few grapes out of my bag and add them to another: they’ll go bad in my house but someone else will eat them.”

Act from “cheapskate”.

Many teased the woman for her “cheapskate” act, while others joked about how they “save money” on grocery bills.

“This is why I core apples before I check out,” one joked.

Another said: “That’s exactly why I peel fruit in the aisles. You won’t catch me paying for a banana peel.

One wrote, “I take raw chicken out of plastic because I don’t want to pay for plastic.”

One jokingly added, “I take everything out of its original packaging and put it all in my mouth on my way out for the exact same reason.”

Another said, “This is why I always peel potatoes at the supermarket.”

While one joked, “I take the bones out of my chicken wings, and then I just pay for the meat.”

‘Stems are awesome’

Meanwhile, many have urged shoppers to reconsider consuming broccoli stalks.

“The stalks are great sauteed in sesame oil,” said one.

Another suggested: “Don’t you eat the stalk? You are seriously missing out. Just use a vegetable peeler and cut it into cubes, cook it with the rest. It has a lovely sweetness.

While one added, “Funny thing, the stalk is actually healthier than the top. I peel it and cook it with the rest… it’s a bit like an artichoke in butter».

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