The internet is speculating that Namor’s name comes from a song by El Tri

We just ran into an internet conspiracy theory to put an end to all internet conspiracy theories. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” fans were already shocked to hear the underwater ruler NamorThe name comes from “the loveless child”.

Now, viewers speculate that Mexican band El Tri may have inspired the name as well. Let’s dive!

The executive producer of “Wakanda Forever” explained the meaning of the name

In October, executive producer Victoria Alonso provided insight into the meaning behind Namor’s name at the film’s premiere. It turns out that the phrase “el niño sin amor” or “the boy without love” actually inspired the name Namor. She told Deadline, the loveless child… that’s why they call him Namor, the boy who grew up without love.”

As Alonso described, the last five letters of “sin amor” make up the indigenous warriorthe name of.

Namor’s origin story is epic

If you’ve already seen the box office hit, you have all the details on Namor’s origin story. Along with the rest of her tribe, Namor’s mother ate a plant rooted in vibranium when she was still pregnant with him. This gave Namor the extra special powers of him, surviving both in and out of water and being able to fly. Called K’uk’ulkan or “feathered serpent god” at birth, the future ruler also ages much more slowly than ordinary mortals.

Though cold, K’uk’ulkan’s slow aging process is also lonely, like his mother who dies when he is still a boy. At that time he also successfully attacks the Spanish conquistadors. The young warrior’s skills give him the nickname “loveless boy” or Namor. An interesting detail? Only his enemies call him Namor.

Namor could also be inspired by a song by El Tri

While the meaning behind the name is already fascinating, some viewers link it to a famous song by Mexican band El Tri. According to Cultura Colectiva, El Tri fans were quick to notice the possible MCU Easter egg, and we did let’s hope it’s true!

The name Namor may be inspired by El Tri’s iconic song “El Niño Sin Amor” from 1986. The song’s lyrics are accurate to the ruler of Talocan’s story, describing a boy growing up alone, with no love or family.

The lyrics state, “He was born, I don’t know… only God could explain why,” continuing, “That child never had parents or a home, that child doesn’t understand love.”

There is no doubt that the song’s lyrics refer to Namor’s story, also saying that the child “realized that life is a difficult game to play”. Considering the character’s attempts to defend Talocan, this makes perfect sense.

There’s no way to know for sure whether the makers of “Wakanda Forever” thought of El Tri’s song when they thought of Namor’s name. That said, some Twitter users seem to think so. One user wrote“I love the idea that Namor is ‘the loveless child’ like El Tri’s song.”

Another user agreed, writing, “Isn’t ‘El Niño Sin Amor’ a song by El Tri? #Namor.”

Also, countless other users thought about the connection. A fan he joked, “Imagine if the El Tri song would have played when Namor said he got that name when they told him it was ‘El Niño Sin Amor’… a la v*rga!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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