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The child takes this creepy doll everywhere. The internet is passing out.


Brittany Beard wasn’t expecting this when she took her daughters to the Spirit Halloween store.

She brought her two girls — Briar Rose, 3, and Belle, 8 — to get some costume and decor inspiration for the upcoming holidays.

This time of year, “we always go take a look and look at Halloween costumes,” said Beard, 33, who lives in Groveland, Florida. Perhaps, he thought, his daughters would dress up as princesses this year.

But as they strolled Aug. 22, Briar wasn’t interested in tutus and tiaras. Instead, he had his eyes on a demonic-looking doll. Once he locked eyes with the “Creepy Doll”, she decided she wanted it to be hers.

“I have to have it, Mom,” Briar pleaded with her mother, who tried to redirect her daughter to toys that didn’t seem possessed.

But Briar told her, “She needs me.”

“I’ve never been a creepy person,” she said. “I don’t like gory things.”

The doll’s skin looks torn and her eyes are black and deep set, though they glow red at the push of a button. The doll also giggles on command.

“It’s a dark, evil laugh,” Beard said. “It’s definitely the creepiest toy I’ve ever seen.”

His emotional support animal is an alligator. They sleep in the same bed.

But her daughter hugged the strange doll and said she felt connected to it. Beard said he wanted to respect her daughter’s taste, even if she was the opposite of hers. She bought it, then she immediately regretted the purchase.

“I had no idea Briar would be so obsessed with it that she would have to take it everywhere,” Beard said.

Briar named the baby “Chloe”, which Beard changed to “Creepy Chloe”. (He was better suited for the creepy doll, he decided.)

Wherever Briar goes, creepy Chloe goes too. While Briar has no shortage of other dolls, “he never really loved anything until Creepy Chloe came along,” his mother said.

“People stare, and then I obviously get awkward and feel like I have to explain myself,” Beard said.

Viewers generally found him sweet and even lovable. On Aug. 25, Beard took his daughter to Disney World, and of course, Creepy Chloe arrived. Beard decided to dress her daughter in a Haunted Mansion cast member costume to make her doll look less out of place. The creepy Chloe wore a princess dress.

“I thought it was appropriate,” said Beard, who runs a nonprofit called Unicorn hugswho supports sick children by presenting them with horses dressed as unicorns.

Though Beard thought people might be surprised — and maybe even frightened — by his daughter’s doll, the last thing he expected was strangers to swoon over it.

While they were having breakfast at Florida’s Great Coffeethe pastry chef – who is apparently a Halloween enthusiast – has baked Briar a special spooky cupcake and chocolate sign for the haunted mansion.

“It was just gushing,” Beard said of the pastry chef. “We were amazed.”

After breakfast, they went to the Haunted house — a popular attraction at the Magic Kingdom park — where tourists and staff “just fell for her,” Beard said, adding that they’ve also been invited backstage to explore the “secret” servants’ quarters. Briar “was radiant”.

After his time at Disney World, Beard shared his daughter’s unusual doll on Facebook, thinking friends and family might enjoy it.

“This is what it looks like when you take your 3-year-old to the Spirit Halloween store and she absolutely insists on buying the creepiest doll you’ve ever seen,” she said. wrote in a postbefore detailing their day at Disney.

An old dog was left in a shelter to be put down. Instead he is living the best life of him.

“Creepy Chloe may steal my soul while I sleep, but we’re making the most of our time left here!” she continued.

Once again, to Beard’s amazement, people were fascinated by the terrifying toy. His post, which contained several photos of Briar with his beloved doll, was shared more than 13,000 times. Given the reaction, Beard created a Instagram account to show the continuing adventures of Briar and Creepy Chloe.

Briar was also featured Today. comand Beard said the barrage of attention was overwhelming but fun for the family.

“I just thought it was a funny story. I certainly wasn’t expecting what happened,” Beard said. “It’s completely snowballed into this huge thing.”

Ever since Creepy Chloe came into their lives, Briar hasn’t let the doll leave her.

“They’re inseparable,” Beard said, adding that Briar dresses Creepy Chloe in doll-like outfits on a daily basis and tries to match their outfits as best she can. “To my dismay, he sleeps right next to her.”

Spirit Halloween came across Beard’s post and “instantly fell in love with the story,” Nikki Balles, Spirit Halloween’s corporate director of public relations and communications, wrote in an email to the Washington Post.

“This touching story is everything Spirit Halloween loves about the season,” said Balles, who sent Briar another doll to add to his creepy collection. “We figured Chloe might need another friend, so we set her up on a fun date.”

Though Beard was initially horrified by her daughter’s dark taste in dolls, she’s starting to appreciate all that Creepy Chloe has to offer. She and she was struck by how strangers appreciate her daughter’s unusual choices.

“My husband said we should encourage that, because Creepy Chloe is different, and maybe there’s a life lesson: You should love everyone, no matter what they look like,” Beard said. “That’s a good thing to teach girls.”

However, “I’m concerned that with all this newfound fame, this was Creepy Chloe’s plan all along for world domination,” joked Beard. “She’s just using Briar and his power of cuteness to gain a foothold.”

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