Sberbank Blockchain Platform Will Be Ethereum Compatible, Internet Computer Mainnet Will Integrate With Bitcoin, Exclusive Automotive Group Accepts Crypto

Source: AdobeStock/Alexander Blinov

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Banking news

  • Russia’s largest bank Sber announced with which its proprietary blockchain platform will be compatible Ethereum (ETH). Developers will be able to freely transfer smart contracts and entire projects between the bank’s blockchain network and Ethereum.

Blockchain news

  • The DFINITY Foundationthe non-profit that contributes to the development of Internet computers (IC) blockchain, announced the integration of the Internet Computer mainnet with BTC (BTC), bringing advanced smart contract capabilities to the world’s largest cryptocurrency, the announcement says. The internet computer can now serve as a layer 2 for Bitcoin where smart contracts on the internet computer can natively hold, send and receive BTC, without the need for blockchain bridges or other third parties.
  • Headmasters of Partisia Blockchain Foundationthe organization behind an internet privacy blockchain infrastructure, will appear with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) tomorrow in Paris for its first Hackathon, the PartiHack, to present the prototype of a blockchain-based system “aimed at demonstrating that this technology could be used in conflict zones where a very high degree of privacy and protection of data. The press release stated that the stablecoin the two organizations are developing “will pilot a new way of providing support to victims of armed conflict and violence by combining the benefits of public blockchains with the privacy protections” of Partisia Blockchain’s multi-party computing technology.
  • The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to cut up to 200 contractors who were working to incorporate blockchain technology into its CHESS clearing and settlement system after it reversed review, Reuters reported. The ASX had a total of about 300 people working on the now canceled project, of which a third were permanent staff and two thirds were contractors and consultants, he said, citing a spokesman.

Payment news

  • Exclusive automotive group (EAG), factory authorized dealer for Aston Martin, Bentley Motors, Koenigsegg and Karma Automotive, announced from which it accepts cryptocurrencies for the payment of goods and services bitpay, a cryptocurrency payment service provider. “Exclusive Automotive Group’s ability to accept cryptocurrency allows the dealership to tap into the huge cryptocurrency market and attract new customers,” she said.
  • The Solanaautomated market maker killer whale integrated with the payment company Band for fiat ramps. According to per an announcement, a fiat-to-crypto onramp was created within the Orca UI through integration with Connection, made by Stripe. The new podmates can now convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency, without the need to buy cryptocurrency on other exchanges first, he said.
  • The blockchain technology provider venly said it is one of 16 companies piloting Stripe’s new fiat-to-crypto onramp. According to an announcement, this integration will allow you to shop with Venly wallet via Stripe’s onramp, and it will also lower the barriers to entry for users.

Regulatory news

  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) licensed to Metacomp to provide digital payment token services as a leading payment institution. For According to the press release, effective December 2022, MetaComp has been licensed under the Payment Services Act, which allows it to offer an end-to-end suite of digital asset services to businesses, as well as traditional institutional investors and crypto-native.

Investment news

  • by Mike Novogratz Digital Galaxy won an auction to buy a self-reliance platform GK8 from the bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius networkthe company She said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
  • Web3 developer platform flee said it raised $25 million in Series A funding, led by Polychain capitalwith the participation of Protocol laboratories, Arweave, Coinbase businesses, Digital currency group, Adventure in the North Island, Distributed global, The LAOAnd Argonautical enterprises. According to an announcement, the funds will be allocated to development and launch Fleet networka decentralized network for the distribution of content and applications, scheduled for launch in 2023.

Portfolio news

  • THOR wallet announced the collaboration with Maya protocola decentralized liquidity network based on the Cosmo SDK powered by its native currency CACAO, which is also a friendly fork of the decentralized liquidity network THORChain. For Following the announcement, the project will initially offer uncustodial, permissionless cross-chain trading between native assets on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and THORChain.

News Web3

  • The grapha decentralized protocol used to index Web3 data, is adding support for Polygon (MATIC) on The Graph Network. Polygon users will soon be able to rely on fully decentralized APIs to power their decentralized applications (dapps), She said the announcement.

NFT news

  • Some of the biggest names in American fashion have joined the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), The sandbox, Polygon StudiosAnd New vision (BNV) to celebrate 60 years of the fashion institution and “light the path to the future of fashion in the web3 and in the metaverse”, said one announcement. Seven designer brands – Coach, Michael Kors, Wes Gordon for Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg, Tommy Hilfiger, Vivienne Tam and Willy Chavarria – will each create a non-fungible token (NFTs) with relative user, available from 12 December, one week before the opening of the exhibition.