Quality WiFi signal booster or cheap wireless internet extender

Whether you have a business, a school or a home, you may need to extend your Internet connection through a device that eliminates the use of wires. You may have multiple devices that need connectivity, such as switches, hubs and PCs, making it imperative to reduce the use of cables and the associated unsightly clutter.

Ultimately, any Internet user can benefit from extended Wi-Fi and the resulting merits, not the least of which will be products. You may be frustrated with slow and lagging internet speeds, video calls freezing, or perhaps programs that take forever to download and videos that keep buffering due to slow speed.

Here is a detailed review of the Omega Wi-Fi amplifier. We will discuss how it works, features, benefits, pros, cons, pricing and money back guarantee.

What is the Omega Wi-Fi Booster?

The Omega Wi-Fi Amp is an Internet signal booster designed to extend your Wi-Fi range wherever it is installed. The designers had in mind large homes, small schools, small businesses and any scenario imaginable. The device allows you to extend your wireless network using the Omega Wi-Fi Amplifier eliminating blind spots in the premises.

Blind Spot Elimination will instantly improve your Wi-Fi speed throughout your home or business. Of importance is that the end user will not need any technical knowledge due to the ease of installation of the device.

The Omega Wi-Fi Amp is a device that anyone can easily purchase, configure and maintain. All of this has been thought of, making it a desirable and very useful item for extending Wi-Fi range in large homes, small offices or even schools.

As long as fast internet is all you want, the Omega Wi-Fi Booster might be just what you need. The device connects broadcast media to other network devices, such as workstations, servers, and hubs. It will save you from slow Internet and Wi-Fi, and for the first time, you will be able to get fast, easy, safe and cheap Internet. It will eliminate the need for a separate connection and any associated costs.

Omega Wi-Fi Amp is the leading company that delivers fast speed, boost your wireless internet connection and eliminate dead spots instantly. And all this within minutes of setting up the device.

How does the Omega Wi-Fi Booster work?

The Omega Wi-Fi Booster transmits Wi-Fi signals through concrete walls, multiple floors or steel beams. Boost your Wi-Fi signals and all the devices around you can access the internet easily as long as they are connected. The Omega Wi-Fi Amp takes router signals and distributes them strongly after intensifying them. Installing the Omega Wi-Fi Amp somewhere high up is a good practice to reach distant devices and corners that might otherwise be blocked.

Features of the Omega Wi-Fi amplifier

  • Integrated Antennas – The Omega Wi-Fi Extender features built-in antennas that enable the fastest and smoothest internet speed for video calling, downloading, gaming and streaming.
  • Universal Connectors – It has universal interchangeable connectors with European and American sockets.
  • Not limited at low speed – unlike other Wi-Fi boosters, you won’t be limited to 300Mbps.

Portability – Omega Wi-Fi Amp can be taken away and repositioned until an ideal emission point is found.

Quality Promise – Omega Wi-Fi Amp is a high quality and safe product and every step of the process is controlled.

Good customer support – Customer support and admins are human and are fast, like talking to you, unlike bots.

Benefits of the Omega Wi-Fi Extender

  • Works with Most Devices: Omega Wi-Fi Amp can work with smart TVs, desktop computers, game consoles, wireless printers, smartphones and tablets, and all brands of wireless devices, new or old;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp is safe: Some Wi-Fi boosters will not work, unlike Omega Wi-Fi Amp, which ensures that your internet connection is boosted safely. This means that your data is not accessible to malicious people and is strongly supported through data encryption protocols;
  • No Subscription Needed: Omega Wi-Fi Amp is a one-time purchase device that will boost your internet speed without paying extra fees or upgrading services;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp needs no effort to set it up. You must plug it in and immediately experience reliable, fast and secure internet no matter how many devices you use;
  • Ideal for working from home;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp will boost your internet connection without consuming much energy;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp will save you money by reducing the number of connections you have to buy to meet your internet needs;
  • Omega Wi-Fi Amp offers a tidier space, especially if the coverage area is large. It is done by avoiding the clutter that cables will bring to your premises;
  • The device offers fast internet speeds, large file downloads and high density video streaming;
  • Every Omega Wi-Fi Amp purchase gives the buyer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

How to use the Omega Wi-Fi Booster

Using Omega Wi-Fi Amp is very simple as it does not require any technical experience. Users just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have an electrical outlet around you that works well;

Step 2: Connect the Omega Wi-Fi amplifier to the electrical socket;

Step 3: A power button is well labeled. It would help if you press the button and the Omega Wi-Fi Booster will connect to your existing router;

The last step is to confirm if your device is connected to the same internet and enjoy the best Wi-Fi coverage you’ve ever had.


Compatibility: It is compatible with any computer, game console, laptop, wireless printer, smart TV and smartphone;

Fast Shipping – The company offers fast shipping to over 30 countries, free within the US;

Fast: Since Omega Wi-Fi Amp is a booster, it will boost your internet connection and avoid buffering and freezing of videos, games or programs. It also works immediately after plugging it in;

Time saving: Omega Wi-Fi setup is quick as you need to plug it into a power outlet. Since it’s fast, it will save you a lot of time during your work;

Omega Wi-Fi Amp cannot be sold by drop shipping and the seller must have a legal tax ID and sell them directly from the brand factory. It means that there is no third party intermediation and that your data and your consumer rights are 100% preserved;

There are no dead spots in closed rooms.


Omega Wi-Fi Amp does not work properly in large companies and schools;

Because it’s portable, an unauthorized person can take it without permission;

The Omega Wi-Fi Booster is not available anywhere from the factory or legally taxed sellers.

Prices and money back guarantee

Omega Wi-Fi Amp offers its users a 30-day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the device. A buyer should email support@omegawifiamp.com if they wish to return the product. The manufacturer will then send you instructions on how to return the product. The following regional prices are available on the official website:

  • UK and Ireland at $49.99;
  • The European Union at $49.99;
  • US and Canada for $49.99.

You can buy Omega Wi-Fi Amp through Visa, PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Shopify. US orders are delivered within 3-5 business days. International orders vary by location and customs.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying and installing networks in your small business, school or home. Omega Wi-Fi Amp is the best solution for you. It works as an extension to your network. It’s fast and you don’t need to install different routers in your rooms or offices, and works with a traditional or regular router.

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