Of course that Indiana Jones 5 footage is the talk of the internet, starting with the aged Harrison Ford

After many long years and a series of delays, the fifth (and almost certainly final) Indiana Jones film it’s almost there. Yesterday we saw proof that the movie is actually happening in the form of the first trailer. It revealed the title, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destinyand reminded us why we love iconic movies. Everyone’s talking about the trailer, but most of those people are talking about the old Harrison Ford and how he looks, somehow, good.

The use of CGI to make one actor look like another, or to make an actor look like a younger version of himself, has been around for years, but there has always been something missing. It often falls into the uncanny valley because it’s usually pretty impressive for what it is, but it usually falls short of perfection and that missing piece just throws it all away. But fans on Chirping mostly praise the young Indy we see in Quadrant of Destiny.

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