Megan Thee Stallion and 1501 record label dispute spills over the internet

Megan you stallion she has been embroiled in a turbulent public dispute with her record label 1501 since she accused 1501 of blocking the release of her music after a failed contract renegotiation more than three years ago.

Now the GRAMMY award winner is suing for $1 million dollars in damages. The ‘Big Ole Freak’ rapper’s lawsuit backs it up Charles Crawfordowner of 1501 certified entertainment he did not pay his royalties and leaked his LP Traumazine soon.

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On the flip side, 1501 Certified claims that Megan has not paid her share of the tour profits or merchandise, has intentionally violated her contract, and is using previously released materials against the terms of the agreement.

Disagreements between the 28-year-old and her label often spill over to social media, and last night was no different. Meg took to Twitter to express her disappointment in Crawford’s comments and longtime business partner and founder of Rap-A-A Lot, J. Prince released earlier in the day.

“When my mother died, I knew a bunch of niggas who had just started a label for the FIRST time wouldn’t be able to handle me PROPERLY, so I went with Roc…by then I was a bigger artist and I asked to renegotiate… DON’T LEAVE what was wrong with that? That man is GREEDY,” she wrote.

“If you want to be REALLL I DEVELOPED 1501,” the rapper tweeted.

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