Mark Woodley’s weather video goes viral, leaves internet in shambles

Thursday, December 23, Mark Woodley, a sports reporter for KWWL, tweeted a video that has left many in splits. The one-minute, 31-second clip showed him covering up a report about a blizzard while continuing to rant sarcastically at his superior, who made him fill in as the weather boy.

Woodley captioned his video by writing:

“That’s what you get when you ask the sports guy to come cover a blizzard on the morning show.”

The short clip has made jaw-dropping impressions ever since Chirping, with nearly 27 million views, at the time of writing. The reporter’s tweet received several retweets and replies, and many netizens found it amusing.

Kyle Clark of 9News’ Next With Kyle Clark declared Woodley’s post a masterpiece while replying to the tweet:

“This is a masterpiece. Welcome to your new job.”

Sports journalist Mark Woodley tweets clip displaying antics while covering a weather report, leaving everyone amused

When asked to cover a weather report about a blizzard hours before his usual shift, KWWL-TV sports anchor Mark Woodley made the best of the situation. The stunt double weather guy had some sarcastic and witty responses that made many social media users laugh out loud.

The clip showcased highlights of funny moments from the live broadcast, during which Mark Woodley maintained the consistency of throwing a tantrum as he continued to to say:

“I normally play sports, (but) everything is canceled here for a couple of days, so what better time to ask the sports guy in about five hours before when he normally wakes up? Go stand out in the wind, snow, and the cold and tell others not to do the same”.

The News 7 KWWL sports dude (and substitute weather reporter) continued to throw shades as he told his newsroom anchor:

“It’s absolutely amazing, Ryan. You know, I’m used to these nightly shows that are only 30 minutes long, and generally, in those shows, I’m IN. So, this is a really long show, (keep) tuned for the next couple hours for see me get more and more irritable.”

The compilation had many more LOL-worthy moments, garnering proper user reactions on Twitter, with fellow sportscaster, John Henry Smith writing:

“It was absolutely amazing! I was the sports guy they sent to stay in the middle of the hurricane in Florida… I feel your pain, brother!”

@MarkWoodleyTV It was absolutely amazing! I was the sports kid they sent to stay in the middle of the hurricane in Florida… I feel your pain, brother!

LA Times entertainment columnist Christie D’Zurilla praised Mark Woodley for his fantastic sense of humor and wished him “a nice warm fireplace for the next few days.”

@MarkWoodleyTV Dude, you are brilliant. I love humor and cracking the cookie-cutter morning playbook. Well done sir! I wish you a nice warm fireplace for the next few days.

Chicago Sun-Times American film critic and columnist Richard Roeper even speculated about an honorary award for Woodley from none other than Jimmy Kimmel.

Another sports correspondent, Dana Jacobson, praised Woodley for his versatility.

@MarkWoodleyTV Be careful, I was covering for floods and snowstorms and now look at me. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Quite a way to show why sportsmen are so damn versatile!

Here are some of the other hilarious reactions from netizens:

@MarkWoodleyTV More forecasters need to take a page out of your book and tell it like it is. Thanks for the honesty and snark.

@MarkWoodleyTV Good news I feel my face bad news I wish I couldn’t 🤣 awful

@MarkWoodleyTV “I didn’t even realize it was 3:30 in the morning as well.”

@MarkWoodleyTV @BachmanANjax you’ve clearly picked the best job and location for TV because that can’t happen to you now, but I suspect you have some footage from South Dakota that isn’t much different than this.

@MarkWoodleyTV Love this! I once had to write weather stories at the Detroit AP. Good times, bye.

As of this writing, Mark Woodley’s tweet has already received over 33,000 retweets, with over 196,000 likes.