“Goodbye Princess” causes a sensation on the Internet with almost 42 million views

Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) Announces Global Launch Of #EmpowerHer Campaign For Women’s Empowerment After Returning Around The World


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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – December 14, 2022 – Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen), global C-POP singer, film and television actress and fashion icon, today launched the #EmpowerHer campaign after the successful release of “Goodbye Princess” music video (MV) on 9th December 2022. He has already achieved considerable success with over 1 million in 10 hours after the premiere, and within 5 days of the premiere, the audience on Tia’s YouTube channel exceeded 26 million viewers, breaking the record for C-pop songs. At the moment, “Goodbye Princess” gets a rousing combined nearly 42 million views on YouTube and Weibothe MV marks Tia’s return as a global solo artist and her bold resurgence as she rises up and conquers her past challenges.

With “goodbye princess” symbolizing Tia’s evolution into a new version of herself, empowered and lifted as she explores her new world, the global #EmpowerHer campaign aims to reinforce the song’s themes of female empowerment and encourage all women to boldly embrace their true me, get stronger and build a more promising future.

Tia today launched the global #EmpowerHer campaign

The creation of the global #EmpowerHer campaign

Inspired by her personal journey and renewed inner strength, Tia launched the #EmpowerHer campaign to rally women and girls around the world to believe in themselves, say goodbye to overwhelming obstacles, and stand taller and stronger in the face of any adversity. Overall, the campaign aims to support and promote the “Female Empowers Female” concept and benefit as many women-focused charitable causes on a global scale as possible to create a greater good for the global female population.

Selected beneficiaries of the campaign include Tomorrow’s daughters in singapore, Beats By Girlz And Women in music in the United States, The teenager’s key in Hong Kong and more. As the #EmpowerHer campaign takes its step globally, donations will be directed to these beneficiaries during the campaign period, supporting their operations and goals to build a better future for women.

To get the ball rolling in support of these charities, every view of the “Goodbye PrincessThe music video will help empower women around the world. Every time a viewing benchmark is met, a donation will be made to the #EmpowerHer campaign, one of the largest initiatives supporting women’s empowerment worldwide The #EmpowerHer campaign will split up to HKD3.8 million (approximately US$480,000) among selected charities. woman, March 8.

“Our goal is for every young woman to have the opportunity to follow the path she imagines for herself. In our eyes, success is when young women become independent, confident, and capable of making their own decisions. The journey Tia’s resilience inspires not only our girls and young women, but the world as well, giving us the confidence to believe that we are all unique and that each of us has the potential to create a future filled with more possibilities than we can even imagine. Thank you for such a meaningful initiative! It is a pleasure to be one of the beneficiaries of the #EmpowerHer campaign,” he said Rachel Chow, Resource Development Manager, Teen’s Key Hong Kong.

“Donations like the #EmpowerHer campaign enable Women in Music to educate, empower and advance women in the music industry. We are delighted to be included alongside other non-profit organizations working to create change,” she said Nicole Barsalona, ​​President, Women in Music.

‘Daughters Of Tomorrow’ is delighted to be the charity benefiting the launch of Tia Lee’s ‘Goodbye Princess’ and the #EmpowerHer campaign, which seeks to inspire, uplift and empower women. This resonates with the mission of DOT to empower women through economic means by empowering them to uplift their families,” she said Fannie Lim, Executive Director of Daughters Of Tomorrow. “We recognize that each person has their own journeys: milestones to accomplish, circumstances to overcome, and aspirations they wish to live for. Recognizing that everyone has their own dreams, our role is to encourage each to create a better tomorrow for themselves. We wish Tia Lee a great success in empowering many more women during this campaign.”

“Beats By Girlz is delighted to be a part of the #EmpowerHer campaign. We have a shared vision of empowering women and gender minorities through music and are delighted to be doing this work in partnership with Tia Lee,” she said. Erin Barra, executive director, Beats By Girlz.

Rise of the Global #EmpowerHerDance TikTok Dance Challenge

Dancers from all over the world have risen to the challenge of covering the signature choreography “Goodbye Princess” on the short-form video platform TikTok, with energetic but rhythmic full-body movements and a characteristic “goodbye” hand gesture. The cheerful and unabashedly feminine choreography embodies a revitalization of Tia’s mind and body after overcoming past challenges in the fashion and entertainment industries, freeing her to express her strength.

Among the first dancers and personalities to join the dance challenge are world-renowned Australian-Filipino dancers and choreographers, Hannah Balanay, the most popular Australian creator on TikTok last year. She is best known for her dance of hers on Dua Lipa’s song “Don’t Start Now”went viral on the platform.

Hannah Balanay started the #EmpowerHerDance TikTok Dance Challenge

The emergence of this dance challenge gave birth to the hashtag #EmpowerHerDancewhich contains all the cover dance videos and further strengthens the global #EmpowerHer campaign.

Tia Lee has advocated for women’s empowerment throughout her career and made it a key focus of the “Goodbye Princess” countryside. Prior to releasing the MV, Tia launched a 6-part animation series that told the story of her journey in the music and entertainment industry through a creative synergy of music, animation and fashion video. His story of courageously overcoming obstacles resonated with many, garnering over 100 million viewers in one month and putting the pre-release campaign on track to become the most successful engagement campaign of all time by an artist C-Pop.

In addition to her music, Tia has also advocated for women’s empowerment in beauty and fashion. She has joined many A-listers such as Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys on the covers of popular magazines such as Vogue and ROLLACOASTER, and has used these illustrious platforms to spread her message of inner strength and power, as well as inspire other women with her history, which is built on a solid foundation of tenacity, hard work and self-confidence.

The “Goodbye Princess” Pre-Campaign MVs and full series with complementary fashion videos can be watched on Tia’s social media channels.

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