Cox donates $20,000 from Innovation Lab to Boys and Girls Club of Pensacola

As students prepare to start the school day, logging into a device is now as common as having a desk full of freshly sharpened pencils.

But in Pensacola, many kids don’t have a device or broadband connection to get home and practice.

Cox Communications is helping level the playing field for kids ages 6 to 18 by partnering with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast to launch the new $20,000 Cox Technology Innovation Lab that was unveiled Wednesday at the Pensacola Club in Englewood.

Cox’s staff hopes the talented lab-device programs, ranging from desktops and laptops to 3D printers, will give children exposure to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities and digital literacy skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Kids at Costa Smeralda Boys and Girls Clubs learn about 3D printing at the new Cox Technology Innovation Lab at the Pensacola Club in Englewood on Wednesday, December 30, 2022. The $20,000 collaborative workspace features new computer workstations, learning enhanced digital, STEAM Areas of Interest and two 3D printers.

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Then, in turn, the hope is for children to educate their family members who may not be comfortable using technology in day-to-day life, such as updating a resume or scheduling a bill payment online.