Comcast ramps up Internet speeds and rolls out new 2-gig speed tier across the Northeast

The company will also introduce new download speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second (Gbps), combined with upload speeds of up to 5-10x faster, for Xfinity customers in Northeast markets including Baltimore, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia and Washington, DC before the end of the year.

“Comcast continues to anticipate customer demand,” said Kevin Casey, president of Comcast’s Northeast Division. “Through advanced digital network innovation, we are once again evolving our network to deliver faster speeds to customers and are excited to begin rolling out a multi-gig level of speed for customers in the Northeast.”

Internet speed boost for the most popular Xfinity tiers

The following speed boosts will be offered to customers of Xfinity’s most popular speed tiers and will roll out over the next few weeks. This is the second time Comcast has increased speed for customers in the Northeast this year, after ours March 2022 speed increase.

Xfinity Boosts Internet Speed:

  • Performance Starter from 50/10 to 75/10 Mbps
  • Speed ​​doubling for performance from 100/10 to 200/10 Mbps
  • Performance Pro from 300/10 to 400/10 Mbps
  • Explode from 600/20 to 800/20 Mbps
  • Extreme Pro 900/20 to 1Gbps/20Mbps
  • New Gigabit tier x2 in select markets for 2Gbps/100Mbps

Comcast will also double upload speeds nationwide for everyone Internet Essentials plus customers, 100/10 Mbps to 100/20 Mbps. Internet Essentials Plus includes a cable modem, access to millions of WiFi hotspots, and unlimited data for $29.95 a month; and customers who qualify for the Convenient connectivity program can get this level of service for free.

New 2 Gig speeds and faster upload speeds for xFi Complete customers

Comcast recently embarked on the the biggest and fastest multi-gig implementers evert in the US that will make multi-gig speeds available to more than 50 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025. Comcast Northeast Division teams have begun enabling these updates in Boston, Hartford and Philadelphia and will continue in Baltimore and Washington DC before the end of the year.

With the market launch, Xfinity Internet customers who subscribe to xFi Complete will see their upload speed increased between 5 and 10 times faster. xFi Complete includes an xFi gateway, advanced cybersecurity protection at home and on the go, automatic technology updates for a new gateway after three years, and wall-to-wall WiFi coverage with an included xFi Pod when recommended. Now, another benefit of xFi Complete is the faster upload speed.

New xFi Complete Speed ​​Levels:

  • Performance Starter from 75/10 to 75/75 Mbps
  • Performance from 200/10 to 200/100 Mbps
  • Performance Pro from 400/10 to 400/100 Mbps
  • Explode from 800/20 to 800/100 Mbps
  • Extreme Pro 1Gbps/20 to 1Gbps/100Mbps
  • Gigabit Plus 1.2Gbps/35 to 1.2Gbps/200Mbps
  • New Gigabit tier x2 in select markets for 2Gbps/200Mbps

Network upgrades that enable multi-gig speeds and faster uploads also accelerate Comcast’s work to evolve its entire network to 10G, which will deliver multi-gigabit upload and download speeds to tens of millions of Americans over the connections they already have in their current schedules. their homes. Comcast will begin offering 10G-enabled multi-gig symmetric services in 2023.

“We are virtualizing our network to make it even smarter, faster and more reliable,” said Ed Marchetti, senior vice president, Technical Operations and Engineering, Comcast Northeast Division. “The technical work we’re doing to move key components to the cloud allows us to bring multi-gig speeds to our entire Northeast footprint faster and more ubiquitously than anyone else.”

Speeds backed by an unbeatable WiFi experience

While fast speeds are at stake, Comcast regularly introduces new features to help our customers manage their increasingly connected homes:

  • Next-level cyber security: Advanced cybersecurity that blocks threats at the gateway, before they reach devices, to keep everyone safe online.
  • Wi-Fi controls– One dashboard for all devices connected to your home network with built-in features to suspend access, set parental controls, or automate screen time rules.
  • Wall to wall coverage: A reliable connection for all your connected devices and coverage throughout your home with Xfinity xFi Pod WiFi Extenders.
  • Most Recommended Mobile: A top mobile service according to ACSI, Xfinity Mobile combines the most reliable 5G with more than 20 million WiFi hotspots to deliver the fastest mobile speeds in Comcast’s service areas and save people hundreds of dollars a year .
  • Unbeatable Entertainment: 4K streaming to enjoy content in one place and an award-winning voice remote to navigate between them seamlessly. Plus, thousands of hours of free entertainment.

Learn more about industry efforts towards a 10G future here. To visit Xfinity to learn more and subscribe to these exciting new products.