Claudia Winkleman’s hair has become an internet meme thanks to the Traitors

Claudia Winkleman is the host of the most talked about TV shows of the year, The traitors — and as she has a tendency to do, her hair stole the show.

Twitter has been taken by storm with viewers talking about the riveting series, but there is a growing legion of fans who are only interested in discussing the host’s signature look.

Winkleman’s style has become synonymous with his bangs over the years, starring in Head and Shoulders ads during that time.

In fact, it became something of a national treasure all its own — and became one of the show’s biggest talking points before the finale.

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Fans have been talking about it for weeks on social media.

The traitors became one of the most popular programs of 2022 after debuting during the World Cup. He sees the competitors are divided into “traitors” and “faithful”.

The faithful are kept in the dark about the identity of their enemies, and the traitors choose which players they want to kill as the series progresses. The faithful, meanwhile, select who they want to banish.

When the competition ends, the few remaining players will split the prize pool if they are all loyal, but if there is still an undiscovered traitor among them, the traitor walks away with all the money.

The emcee’s hair has achieved a status of its ownBBC

Viewers knew they were going to watch the roller coaster from the very first episode when Winkleman he eliminated two contestants before they even started playing.

The host instructed them to line up in order from who they thought was least likely to win the competition. Amos, a 30-year-old doctor from north London, and Kieran, a 42-year-old solutions consultant from Hertfordshire, have decided to see themselves as least likely to succeed.

It was a mistake, as Winkleman promptly informed them: “Every decision you make has a consequence. Each one. So you two think you’re going to lose. “I’ll take you at your word. So, I’m afraid it’s goodbye. I would like you to leave the grounds immediately.

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