The best restaurants for special occasions in Riyadh

Special occasions have their splendor and special rituals. Preparation for them and good preparation helps in getting them out in the best way to become a wonderful memory of life’s memories. Perhaps one of the most important steps of preparing and preparing for special occasions is choosing the right place or restaurant that matches the nature of the occasion. Riyadh is the largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its capital. The city of Riyadh owns a group of luxury restaurants that offer a variety of dishes from various international, Arab and Saudi cuisines as well.

There are many restaurants that are very popular and distinctive, and this is due to their diversity between Arab, oriental, Western, and even Asian, Indian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines; Therefore, Madam offers you the best restaurants in the city of Riyadh for special occasions and banquets to be your guide to choosing the best and appropriate.

The Globe Restaurant in Riyadh – Photo by open Table

One of the most important restaurants in Riyadh, the most distinguished and unique, with a panoramic view of the city of Riyadh, taking advantage of its presence inside an amazing golden dome consisting of 3 floors above the Al-Faisaliah Tower at a height of approximately 270 meters.

The restaurant features a panoramic view of the Saudi capital, Riyadh – photo from mandarin oriental
The golden dome consisting of 3 floors above Al Faisaliah Tower, where The Globe Restaurant is located – Photo courtesy of Oasis Unedited
The Globe Restaurant is located in Al Faisaliah Tower at an altitude of approximately 270 meters – Photo by aliphotographya

With high-level service, the restaurant offers many delicious dishes from modern European cuisine signed by a group of the most famous and best international chefs. If you want to keep special pictures of your occasions with amazing backgrounds, The Globe restaurant will certainly be an ideal place.

Nothing is more beautiful than celebrating special occasions amidst these stunning views of the city of Riyadh through The Globe Restaurant – Photo from open Table
Azzurro Restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Riyadh – Photo by welcomesaudi

It is considered one of the most luxurious restaurants in Riyadh, located within the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, distinguished by its classic antique character. It is a restaurant of authentic Italian cuisine that serves modern and contemporary meals.

Azzurro, an Italian restaurant with a classic antique feel – Photo by The Ritz-Carlton

The restaurant is distinguished by its splendid view over the hotel’s indoor swimming pool, as it gives the visitor a view of the garden through large windows that rise from floor to ceiling, giving all of this an integrated scene of elegant interiors wrapped in royal blue color to leave an unforgettable memory on any special occasion.

Unique views of Azzurro Restaurant – photo from tripadvisor
Elements Restaurant – elements at Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh – Photo via tripadvisor

The restaurant located at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh serves delicious food and drinks from unique stands specialized in preparing and serving delicious Arabic, Western, Indian, Japanese and Chinese dishes. This restaurant is considered the largest of the Four Seasons restaurants, it was opened with high-end modern designs and distinct decorations. The restaurant also took care of allocating family and individual sessions, special seats for children to be the best choice. What distinguishes it is the presence of music that gives the various corners of the restaurant romance and beauty. The restaurant also offers a private dining hall for groups of 24 people.

Azure Spanish Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Riyadh – Photo from their Instagram account

One of the best restaurants suitable for special and romantic occasions, a restaurant that offers dishes that combine modern taste with authentic Spanish home recipes in a quiet musical atmosphere, taking advantage of its presence in one of the most famous international hotels, Hyatt Regency Hotel located in Olaya Street in the capital, Riyadh.

Azure Restaurant is characterized by a romantic nature that contributes to the emergence of romantic special occasions in the best way – photo from their account on Instagram
Zafran Indian Bistro – Photo from their Instagram account

Amidst the growing number of Indian restaurants in Riyadh, Zafran Restaurant has put itself in the forefront and attracted attention with its distinctive designs, shape and exemplary service that made it succeed in winning many awards in addition to providing the most delicious Indian dishes preferred by many residents in the Gulf countries, where its branches are spread in The countries of Kuwait, the Emirates and more than one branch in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and certainly would be an ideal place if chosen for the establishment of special and family events.

Zafran Indian Bistro – Photo from tripadvisor
OFFWHITE Restaurant & Lounge – Photo via tripadvisor

Off White Lounge Restaurant is one of the distinguished Armenian restaurants in Riyadh that serves the most delicious Armenian, Italian and Lebanese cuisine.

Luxurious decorations are the most important characteristic of Off White Restaurant – photo from their Instagram account