Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu: History needs to be pinched

Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Ağaoğlu stated that his debt to Trabzonspor is huge and said, “I guess that we will pass away from this world before we can pay all of this debt.”

Ağaoğlu, in his interview with Trabzonspor Magazine, explained that they started to work in a very troubled period, but they came to office believing that they knew that Trabzonspor had the dynamics that could arise in turbulence no matter what the circumstances.

Stating that Trabzonspor, whom he loved and loved very much, later gained altitude, Ağaoğlu continued as follows:

“However, we have gained a lot. Above all, we have regained our supporters. We have especially won the young generation. Today, when we look at the 7-18 age group, we have a substantial fan base. Moreover, this is a fan base that is passionately devoted to the club. “Despite the perception that he can’t be a champion again, there was an incredible mass of people devoted to his club with a very serious passion. That’s why their happiness was very, very important. Their experience of this success actually means much more than the championship: This team ‘makes it,’ it did in the past.” ‘ and ‘he will do it again’ This championship ignited the fuse of ‘you will do it again.

Ağaoğlu said, “I did what I would do in Trabzonspor, and there is neither a president nor a manager,” and said, “For me, there is no such thing as I have paid my debt. I owe a lot to this club. We will leave this world before we can pay the entire debt. I say for myself where everyone is asked for halalness. I personally would like to be asked for halalness from Trabzonspor. Because it gave us a lot. The structure we serve is not an ordinary structure. The structure we serve is Trabzonspor. However, you enter this structure. You can grasp the magnitude of time.” he said.


Stating that a football world based on Trabzon has not been created, Ağaoğlu continued his words as follows:

This is the best answer to be given to people who say, “Here is a football world based on Trabzon. A football world based on Trabzon is not created, nor is it attempted to be created. Trabzon football is a phenomenon that has existed since the day football started to be played in this country. Now it is important to whom it will gain. What we bring to our community, our club and the country’s football when we do it. I see it this way; today, when you start to move away from success, you start to look at history and tinker with history. My roots are already clear. In 1967, Federation President Orhan Şeref Apak, but also Hasan Polat’s Trabzonspor is established with the support of Trabzonspor. Before that, these clubs are the building blocks of Trabzonspor. When you look deep into these clubs, it goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, even before the First World War. There is no need to take it and pull it somewhere else here, but we can see our history. We need to be able to tell it to the youngest generations. I care a lot about that.”


Emphasizing that he has an experience of living in the community for years, Ağaoğlu said:

“You know the community, if you look at it here, I have a 32-year management period. You can perceive the dynamics of the community better. I have always compared the strength of Trabzonspor to an iceberg. There is a big iceberg at the bottom. There is much more than its apparent power. I did not believe it, it was very I knew it well. At this point, the most important power for us was to use the dynamics of Trabzonspor. These are sportive, financial, demographic and administrative dynamics. If you do everything properly, you can reach 280 thousand jersey sales from 60 thousand jersey sales. Or the power to buy jerseys. You are happy to see that a 13-14-year-old fan who is not a fan has become aware of his own responsibility by buying a pair of gloves from TS Club. We have activated these dynamics.”

Ağaoğlu stated that they have never entered into a fight with their opponents and said, “A club president comes out and is constantly dealing with you for two or three months. At this point, we did not want to be involved in the debates and fights, we tried to stand in the right place.”


Stating that he has responsibilities while living the championship process, Ağaoğlu continued as follows:

“You are managing the perception and the community. That’s why I couldn’t live this championship like a fan. I said we are already champions. It was the second week of February after the Konya match, I said ‘we’ve finished this job.’ But it was always necessary to keep the community cautious. After all, it was something that had to be managed, so I decided to go to Antalya. I didn’t feel much when we won the championship match. I was just a little nervous in the last five minutes of the Antalya match. The tension there is that, Antalyaspor’s coach on the side of the field made the atmosphere pointless. I understand that there will be a final match, but the behavior that will provoke the audience frightened me. My tension was like ‘if this match ends safely’. After that, I don’t remember anything more than ten minutes, I have a disconnection of ten minutes. All I remember is tens of thousands of fans and a big hum on the field. That moment of disconnection, maybe that’s my sense of championship. You can’t experience what a fan goes through when there is responsibility.”

Ağaoğlu, ‘if you were not the president, how would you experience this championship as a fan?’ Upon a question like, “Once, I would jump from my head to the field too. I didn’t know why I was jumping, but I would jump with the thought of being there. I would go to the Square by walking and singing the anthem and I would go to the Square in the morning as well. I would definitely drain that energy physically. I won the 1984 championship well. Even then, I hung a flag on the car and toured on Bağdat Street, ate three or five stones, smashed the window of the car, then came back and drove two more laps in Acıbadem. But being a fan and being a manager are two different things. It was a great pleasure to have met his expectations,” he said.