Ifix closes with a slight increase of 0.06%; FII CARE11 is the highlight of the session

The IFIX – an index that gathers the most traded real estate funds on B3 – closed this Monday’s session (18) with a rise of 0.06%, at 2,779 points. The Brazilian Graveyard and Death Care fund (CARE11) topped the list of the biggest highs in the trading session, with an increase of 2.53%. Check out the rest of today’s highlights throughout the FIIs Center.

The FII RB Capital Office Income (RBCO11) announced last Friday (15th) that it signed a contract with a chemical company for the lease of part of the third floor and the store of the Birmann building, in São Paulo (SP).

The spaces represent an area of ​​1,170 square meters, equivalent to 6.5% of the gross leasable area (GLA) of the property and 2.7% of the GLA of the fund’s portfolio.

According to a notice to the market, the term of the new lease is 84 months and represents 1.5% of the portfolio’s real estate revenue.

After the grace period provided for in the agreement, the managers calculate that the agreement will increase the fund’s dividend distribution by approximately R$0.02 per share.

Last week, the portfolio deposited BRL 0.35 per share, an amount equivalent to a monthly return of 0.88%.

The management team also informs that a consulting company, lessee of the seventh floor and warehouse 01 of the Birmann building, decided not to proceed with the renewal of the lease agreement.

With the termination of the contract – and already considering the new lease – the vacancy rate of RB Capital Office Income will rise from 40.2% to 40.9%. Despite the high, the percentage is still lower than that recorded at the end of last month, 46.1%.

The FII NewPort Renda Urbana (NEWU11) announced Caixa Econômica Federal as the new tenant of sets 1501 and 1502 of the Suarez Trade building, in the Caminho das Árvores neighborhood, in Salvador (BA).

According to the contract, the bank will occupy the space – of 770 square meters – for a period of 60 months. The lease amount is R$32 thousand, corresponding to R$41.55 per square meter.

With the new contract, the fund’s revenue will increase by approximately R$ 0.04, according to a material fact released last Friday (15).

In a management report released last month, the fund highlighted that it was close to resuming the distribution of dividends, interrupted in August 2020. The vacancy rate of the portfolio is currently at 63%.

Biggest highs of this Monday (18)

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
CARE11 Brazilian Graveyard and Death Care Others 2.53
FEXC11 BTG Pactual CRI Fund Titles and Val. furniture 2.09
VCJR11 Vectis Real Interest Titles and Val. furniture 1.44
RVBI11 VBI Reits Titles and Val. furniture 1.28
RBRF11 RBR Alpha Titles and Val. furniture 1.27

Biggest casualties of this Monday (18):

ticker Name Sector Variation (%)
SNFF11 Suno FoF Others -2.86
BRCR11 BC FUND Hybrid -1.99
BLMG11 Bluemacaw Logistics Logistics -1.77
SNCI11 Suno Receivables Titles and Val. furniture -1.64
HSAF11 HSI Financial Assets Titles and Val. furniture -1.58

Source: B3

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FII BCRI11 shareholders ask for a new meeting to discuss the exchange of Banestes for Suno as fund manager

In a material fact released this Friday (15), the FII Banestes Recebíveis Imobiliários ([asset=BCRI11)announcedtothemarketthatitreceivedfrominvestorsholding688%ofthefund’squotasanewrequestforanextraordinarygeneralmeeting(AGE)[ativo=BCRI11)comunicouaomercadoquerecebeudeinvestidoresdetentoresde688%dascotasdofundonovopedidoparaumaassembleiageralextraordinária(AGE)

At the AGE, the group of investors wants to discuss the exchange of Banestes DTVM SA, currently responsible for managing the fund, for Suno Gestora de Recursos.

In June, the shareholders had already requested the EGM to be held, but withdrew the request last week, according to a statement from the fund, which did not provide details on the decision.

This time, the portfolio manager says she has satisfactorily analyzed the new call request and concluded that the requesting shareholders are able to call the meeting, which should take place within 30 days.

Days after the first request, Amanda Coura, head of product structuring at Suno, confirmed contact with Banestes Receivíveis Imobiliários.

“There was a consultation about the possibility of the manager taking over the fund, if the vote is favorable”, he explains. “We signaled yes and the AGE was convened”, she points out.

On the occasion, Amanda recalled that Suno Fundos de Fundos (SNFF11) – which invests in Banestes Receivíveis – was not involved in the convening of the AGE to avoid conflict of interest.

With seven years of existence, Banestes Receivíveis currently has a net worth of R$ 670 million. The portfolio comprises certificates of real estate receivables (CRI), 86.6%, shares of other FIIs, 9.8%, and investment funds, 3.5%.

This Friday (15), the fund deposited R$ 1.47 per share, equivalent to a monthly rate of return with dividends of 1.34%, the highest in the last 12 months, as indicated in the portfolio’s latest management report.

dividends today

Check out which are 13 real estate funds that distribute income this Monday (18):

ticker Background Performance
RBRM11 RBR Development BRL 2,966.06
IRIM11 Iridium Cri BRL 1.58
RBRY11 RBR High Yield BRL 1.41
IRDM11 iridium BRL 1.29
RBRR11 RBR High Grade BRL 1.27
IBCR11 Cri Brei BRL 1.25
HGIC14 HGI Real Estate Credits BRL 1.19
HGIC11 HGI Real Estate Credits BRL 1.19
HGIC13 HGI Real Estate Credits BRL 1.19
BLUR11 Blue Receivables BRL 1.03
CXAG11 Branches box BRL 0.85
IBCR13 Cri Brei BRL 0.82
IBCR14 Cri Brei BRL 0.79
IBCR15 Cri Brei BRL 0.77
RBRR13 RBR High Grade BRL 0.75
RBRF11 RBR Alpha Fif BRL 0.71
RBRR15 RBR High Grade BRL 0.68
CPFF11 FOF captaincy BRL 0.60
MGFF11 Mahogany BRL 0.55
IBFF11 Integral Brei FoF BRL 0.48
RBRR14 RBR High Grade BRL 0.37

Source: InfoMoney. Tickers with an ending other than 11 refer to receipts and subscription rights for funds.

Giro Imobiliário: market starts to see Selic higher in 2023 with greater inflationary pressure

O The market began to see greater monetary tightening in 2023 amid higher projections for general inflation and administered prices, showed the Focus survey released by the Central Bank this Monday.

The weekly survey of a hundred economists showed the maintenance of the perspective that the basic interest rate will end this year at 13.75%, but for 2023 the Selic account rose to 10.75%, from 10.50%.

This occurs in the midst of a vision of greater pressure on prices in 2023. The survey, which captures the market’s perception of economic indicators, pointed out that the expectation for the rise in the IPCA next year is now 5.20%, of 5.09%, above the target ceiling.

The adjustment was accompanied by an increase in the estimate for the advance of administered prices in 2023, from 6.15% to 6.50%.

Opposite movement happened in the scenario for this year. The estimate for the rise in the IPCA in 2022 fell to 7.54%, from 7.67%, while for administered prices the projection for an advance was 1.74%, from 2.20%.

These movements are against the backdrop of government measures to alleviate high inflation this year, such as the approval of the law that sets a ceiling for ICMS rates on the fuel, gas, energy, communications and public transport sectors. However, it has no lasting effects and analysts warn that these prices will put pressure on general inflation again next year.

The center of the official inflation target for 2022 is 3.5% and for 2023 it is 3.25%, always with a tolerance margin of 1.5 percentage points more or less.

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