Discreet but very tender: Actors who got tattoos in honor of their most popular characters

From the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’. A tribute to the roles that marked them for life.

There are characters, series and movies that not only reach the hearts of the public and become part of the collective imagination around the world, but also have a huge impact on the actors and actresses who play them. Either because it changes their lives in terms of popularity or simply because their experience in them gave them an absolutely wonderful experience that they want to remember forever. Sometimes it’s also both.

Not all of them are listed, but below you can see a good handful of examples of interpreters who got tattoos related to some of their most mythical characters. Many of them are matching and, in addition to paying tribute to a certain series or movie, they served the actors to record their great friendship. Some emerged as a game and others a crazy wedding night, but they all have a sweet element in common: what unites the actors with their jobs and how certain characters come to mark them, and in this case literally, for life.

from the stars of The Avengerseven the protagonists of Game of Thrones… And some are repeat offenders!

Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things is one of the biggest phenomena in the history of Netflix and also the title that made the very young actress Millie Bobby Brown a superstar of television and cinema. Her role in Eleven de Ella brought her international fame and her passing through Ella’s series owes her promising career in the world of acting, so the actress has not hesitated to tattoo a small “011” on her wrist.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”)

Breaking Bad is one of the best series of all time and, if its millions of fans around the world are going to remember it for a lifetime, even more so its protagonists, who for years were on everyone’s lips for their brilliant interpretations of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. So it’s no surprise that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were among the show’s crew members who jumped at the chance that one of the set crew members was also a tattoo artist. In an interview with GQ, Cranston revealed that he had done the series’ logo while Aaron Paul opted for an iconic phrase on his bicep: “No half measures.”

Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”)

Sophie Turner loves these types of details and not only does she have a tattoo dedicated to one of her most famous roles. In fact, she has a couple dedicated to Game of Thrones: on the one hand, this one dedicated to the Starks, with the motto “the herd stays together” that you can see on these lines, but also a second one to match her friend and sister in the Maisie Williams series. The actresses got their tattoos on 07.08.09, the date they found out they had landed their roles as Sansa and Arya on the hit HBO series.

Maisie Williams (“Game of Thrones”)

In addition to the one she has with her friend Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams got a tattoo of ‘No one’ on her back, a little below her neck, in reference to Arya Stark’s training to become ‘Nobody’ during her time there. by Braavos in the series. One of the most remembered plots of her.

The cast of ‘Pretty Little Liars’

It was a real bombshell in its day and for its protagonists it meant a before and after, so it is not surprising that the protagonists of Pretty Little Liars have a joint tattoo. It was done by Sasha Pieterse, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Janel Parrish and each one is different for a reason: they are the initials of each of their characters.

Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”)

Another Game of Thrones to the list, but it is not surprising if we consider that many of the interpreters who were part of the ranks of the HBO series were not known before their time in the series and their roles. They completely changed their lives. In the case of Emilia Clarke, Daenerys, her tattoo could not show anything else: her three dragons of hers.

the avengers tattoo

One of the biggest franchises in movie history, The Avengers were also a milestone for its own leading cast, who decided to immortalize it with a joint tattoo. The idea came from Scarlett Johansson, who suggested the idea of ​​getting the “A” from Avengers tattooed and Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth were willing to do it. “The only one who didn’t was Mark Ruffalo because he’s basically a pain in the ass,” Scarlett joked in an interview with Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Lady Gaga (‘A Star Is Born’)

Winner of the Oscar for Best Original Song for Shallow and nominated for her lead role as Ally, actress and singer Lady Gaga has a tattoo in honor of her character in A Star Is Born. It is probably the least discreet of those that appear in this special, but it is simple and delicate. The artist’s choice was a rose with the words “La Vie en Rose”, a song by Édith Piaf that the protagonist sings in the film.

Neil Patrick Harris (‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’)

It may not be the role for which we all remember Neil Patrick Harris, but his time in the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events is very important for the interpreter, who even got a tattoo in honor of Count Olaf. He did it when the series was renewed for a second season and his choice was the famous symbol of the organization to which the character belongs.

Kaley Cuoco (“The Flight Attendant”)

The Big Bang Theory made her popular all over the world, but it is The Flight Attendant that has given Kaley Cuoco more personal and professional satisfaction: her first job as a producer and, in addition, her first Emmy and Golden Globe nominations in acknowledgment of his performance. Kaley Cuoco paid homage to her character, who is a flight attendant, with a small tattoo of a paper plane and her co-star Zosia Mamet, Annie, accompanied her with one exactly like it.

Tom Holland (“Spider-Man”)

While promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017, Tom Holland shared with the press that he had gotten a Spider-Man tattoo on the bottom of his foot. He admits that he hurt her a lot, but he was always clear that he wanted to do it to her.

Sophie Turner (‘X-Men’)

And again Sophie Turner, but it is worth showing this small tribute to the mutant Jean Grey, her character in X-Men: a small flame of fire drawn on her finger.

Jared Padalecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles (“Supernatural”)

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played parents and children on Supernatural, got matching tattoos in honor of their stint on the series in 2019, on Jeffrey and Hilarie Burton’s wedding day. “It’s what happens when you go to your father’s wedding,” commented Jensen Ackles with amusement. The tattoo consists of a crown, but in reverse it is also the “‘W’ for Winchester”.