Discover the restaurants that accept LoungeKey

LoungeKey, owned by the Collinson Group, gives its members access to more than 1,100 airport lounges located on every continent, regardless of airline or class of travel. What many do not know or do not fully explore is the fact that LoungeKey is also dozens of restaurants in several airports, including some that do not have VIP lounges. This is very goodand we will show why throughout this post.

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How does LoungeKey work?

LoungeKey is a program to access VIP lounges, and in Brazil it is offered by Mastercard Black or Visa Infinite credit cards, independent of the financial institution that issued it.

Each credit card has a specific policy for accessing lounges via LoungeKey, for example:

  • Free and unlimited access;
  • Free accesses up to a certain amount, the others being paid; and
  • All paid accesses.

In addition, there are specific policies regarding guest access and additional card benefits.

If you have a Mastercard Black or Visa Infinite card, you automatically gain access to LoungeKey partner lounges, however, depending on your card, access can be charged or not!

To check your credit card access policy, read this post: “The policy of accessing Brazilian credit cards to VIP lounges through LoungeKey“.

There’s also the interesting option of using LoungeKey to eat at restaurants in some airports, and that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in the next topic.

LoungeKey in restaurants

In some airports there are no VIP lounges. In others, there are VIP lounges only in certain terminals. In this way, sometimes we are helpless without having a good option to wait for our flights. With this in mind, LoungeKey has established partnerships with some restaurants located in several airports around the world, allowing its members to obtain good discounts on their meals, which is very good!

Through these LoungeKey partnerships with restaurants, a good part of the value of the single visit to a VIP room ($32) is deducted from your account at partner establishments, something around 80 to 90%. It is worth mentioning that the value is per passenger. So, if you are accompanied and your LoungeKey membership allows guests, you can multiply the amount by the number of guests.

You must have a boarding pass valid for the same day as the visit to the restaurant, however some require the visit to take place before boarding, while others allow the visit also on arrival. You will have to check case by case.

Below, we will list the restaurants currently affiliated to LoungeKey, classifying them according to the respective geographic region of the airport, which will be mentioned through their respective IATA code.


South America without Brazil

North America


Country City Airport restaurant Credit



BlackBerry Restaurant & Bar 1 pre-packaged menu every 24 hours




Cram Bar (Domestic and International) 1 pre-packaged menu every 24 hours



Is it worth using LoungeKey?

Waiting for a flight in VIP lounges makes a big difference in a trip, and there are ways to access many of them without being traveling in Business Class or First Class, and even not being an elite airline customer. All you need is access to a partner program for the lounges you want to visit, and LoungeKey is one of the most affordable.

As we saw in this post, LoungeKey can also be used in select restaurants around the world, with the highest concentration in Australia and the United States. In Brazil, we currently have 2 options to use LoungeKey in restaurants and get a discount on the bill, both in São Paulo (GRU): Bleriot Bar & Lounge (T2 and T3 – US$27) and Tryp GRU Airport (US$28).

Therefore, it is worth using LoungeKey if your travel profile justifies access to the benefit, which means that you will be able to make your investment worthwhile, if you do not have a credit card that grants you a certain number of accesses. free access to LoungeKey member lounges and restaurants.

Have you ever used LoungeKey in restaurants? What do you think of the benefit?

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