Blazer EV 2024 is revealed by Chevrolet and is confirmed for Brazil

The front of the SUV has sporty lines
Photos: Chevrolet Publicity

You can dream, this Blazer EV 2024 that you are seeing in the photos has already been confirmed for the Brazilian market. But it will take a little patience. The model has just been unveiled in the United States, where it actually hits stores in mid-2023. For us, the good news is that Chevrolet’s electrified models have not taken long to arrive in Brazil.

The look of this unprecedented SUV is impressive. The size of the Chevrolet Blazer EV 2024 combines aerodynamics, especially in the sloping windshield and the descending line of the roof, and strength, present in the well-marked creases from the hood, through the sides and reaching the tailgate. The body also has sensual curves typical of the brand’s sports cars.

The front optics of the Blazer EV 2024 also stand out, forming a thin LED line cut by the “tie”, which in some versions is also illuminated. Below, the powerful grille has more aesthetic function, as the vehicle is electric and has a different cooling demand.

We highlight in this report the images of the SS sports version, which has a more aggressive bumper. On the sides, the wheel arches also gained air passage. The 2024 Blazer EV’s wheels vary by version, starting at 19 inches on the LT and going up to 22 inches on the SS.

Blazer EV 2024 has a spaceship interior

In the cabin, the driver has a real cockpit at his disposal. With two screens around it, the panel looks like a spaceship. The Blazer EV 2024 has few physical controls, which have been moved to the 17.7-inch screen of the multimedia system. The digital instrument panel is 11 inches.

The panoramic sunroof is available on some models. If one finds the red interior of the SS version too extravagant, other packages bring seats, doors and dashboard in more sophisticated tones, such as brown. But the flat-bottomed flywheel does not vary.

SS version has electric motor with 565hp of power

The Blazer EV 2024 SS has an electric motor with 565hp of power and 89.5kgfm of torque. Acceleration to 100km/h takes less than 4 seconds. Traction is all-round. Chevrolet did not give information about the battery, only that this sporty version has a range of up to 515 kilometers. On a fast charger, it is possible to recover 125 kilometers of autonomy in 10 minutes.

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But, the icing on the cake on the Chevrolet Blazer EV 2024 is the Super Cruise system, which allows you to adopt a real autonomous driving mode. The system only works in the United States and Canada, even so in some stretches where the driver can become a passenger, even taking his hands off the steering wheel. Detail: the use of the service requires the payment of a monthly fee.

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The Chevrolet Blazer EV 2024 will be manufactured in Mexico, which can make for a more “friendly” price here. In the American market, the model comes in four versions: 1LT, sold for US$ 44,995 (which, converted to today’s price, corresponds to R$ 241,483); 2LT, US$47,595 (R$255,437); RS, US$51,995 (R$279,051); and SS, US$65,995 (R$354,188).