Beşiktaş News – Ajdin Hasic’s words of praise to Edin Visca!

Beşiktaş’s Bosnia and Herzegovina football player Ajdin Hasic, who has been away from football for a long time after suffering a cruciate ligament injury last year, said that the bad days are over and he wants to show himself.

Hasic, who made a statement, said, “I believe that everything comes from God, in my own belief. Maybe this event opened my eyes more, it gave me the opportunity to see some things more clearly. I had a 4-month rehabilitation period in Serbia. I worked there for up to 10 hours every day. I did it. It was very difficult, I was just spending time with training and sleep, I couldn’t do anything else. To be honest, I didn’t do much off-field work before my injury. Right now, I try to do gym work to prepare myself more before every training, even if I don’t feel like it. Maybe This injury made me see things more clearly,” he said.

Stating that his Beşiktaş career did not start easily, the 20-year-old football player said, “I did not have many opportunities at first, it was difficult for me. I was very happy in Zagreb, I came here after 6 years there. The start was not easy for me. I started playing and scored goals and contributed to the score. “I was injured during this period. It is not easy to come back after the injury. If I get the opportunity this season, I will try to show the real Hasic as much as I can.”


Noting that he is looking forward to the start of the new season, Hasic said:

I haven’t been able to talk to my teacher yet, but I’m willing to play wherever he puts me. My favorite position is number 10, behind the striker. Right, left, centre, it doesn’t matter, I’m ready to play. I respect the teacher’s decisions. I can’t wait for the season to start to show what I can do. I’m looking forward to the beginning of the season to do my best.

Stating that Bosnia and Herzegovina football player Edin Visca, who plays in Trabzonspor, always helps him, the young player said, “We meet with Visca a lot. The clubs we played for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the same clubs. We vacation together in Antalya for a short time in the summer. “We did it. We also had the opportunity to train together during this process. Everyone says very good things about him. He helped me a lot when I first came here. He always talked to me when I needed it, he answered my phone every time I called. I am very grateful to him.”

Speaking about Edin Visca’s failure to play for the national team, Hasic said, “He mentioned that there should be room for the new generation and those from below. “It doesn’t matter to us whether we are Serbian or Serbian. We are all one on the field,” he said.


Stating that Visca gives interviews in Turkish and he is trying to improve his Turkish, Hasic said, “I hope both of us can do the championship interview at the end of the season directly without an interpreter. Actually, I understand Turkish, but I have some difficulties in speaking, when we pass them and learn Turkish completely, we can both do the interview for the end of the season championship.” used the phrases.

Hasic, who played in Ümraniyespor on loan twice and is in the squad of the Istanbul team that made it to the Super League, stated that coach Recep Uçar wants to be promoted to the Super League and said:

I can never compare my first Ümraniyespor adventure with my second one. Inside the club, the club structure was very different in both processes. In my second process, everything got better. When I first went, there was no pressure on us because we were a middle row team and we didn’t have a goal. The second time I went, I went to a championship candidate team. Before each game, me and my teammates were very nervous. We were all chasing the relegation goal. It was not expected from a team of that caliber, nobody expected it, but our coach fixed everything. He wanted to promote to the Super League very much, as a result, I think we deserve this success.

Stating that he was in constant contact with Ümraniyespor’s coach Recep Uçar, Hasic said, “The teacher came to my wedding, we talked face to face. We joked about the fact that we would be opponents. We also talk on the phone often. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you play against us, this is your club.” “This is only a joke. We meet with him frequently,” he said.

Stating that he did not feel alone after his former teammates Domagoj Vida and Adem Ljajic left the black-and-white team, the football player from Bosnia and Herzegovina said, “I feel a little different because we were always with them. It is nice to be in the same environment with one’s fellow countrymen, where one can speak their own language, but even though we are not together now, it is a good thing. “We talk too much. I don’t feel alone here, I have many friends. I have never felt alone. There was nothing that made me feel alone. I developed with this football player group, I see myself as a member of this group,” he said.


Hasic, who got married recently, stated that marriage made him feel better and said, “I don’t like to talk about my private life very much, but I can say that I am having the happiest days of my life. This made me happier, I started to feel better on and off the field after marriage. “It’s been a month, but I recommend it to everyone. Get married as soon as possible. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, maybe the best.”

Bosnia and Herzegovina football player, in the message he gave to Beşiktaş fans in Turkish, said, “We are waiting for you at the stadium in the new season. I hope we will all be champions this season.”