Valerien Ismael words from Beşiktaş’s star name Valentin Rosier! Ismael has natural charisma…

“We know how much he believes in what the teacher tells, in what the teacher wants to play, and we are convinced of this. We believe in the teacher in this sense.”

We are now able to print in a more organized way, more compactly and accurately. I think we’ve come a long way in terms of positioning.”

I know that I didn’t play a good season individually last season, and we didn’t have a good season as a team.”

Beşiktaş football player Valentin Rosier said that coach Valerien Ismael has a strong communication and as players they fully understand what the French coach wants from them.

Speaking to the AA correspondent, Rosier said that Ismael believed in the system he wanted to play and they were convinced of it.

Stating that they have made a completely new start this season, the black-and-white player said, “We can clearly understand what the coach wants to tell and what he wants to play. The coach keeps repeating his requests during the training, which already makes some things settle in our minds.” said.

Pointing out that the fans should not take Ismael’s term as a base last season, Rosier said, “Because last season, after getting out of a very busy match schedule and very difficult periods, we took a new road with the coach. The coach tried to change some things as much as he could, but his main start is this season. We did it together with the Austrian camp. In every training session in the camp, the coach told us what he wanted from us and what he expected from us. Therefore, we will have made a start from scratch in terms of game mentality. And we are convinced of this. We believe in the teacher in this sense. After this communication is established, the job is now left to the practice in the field. We will put exactly what the teacher wanted to convey and what the teacher wanted to have them implemented on the field.” used his statements.


Emphasizing that Valerien Ismael is a technical man who is very open to communication, Rosier said, “The biggest advantage of the coach is that he speaks several languages. He communicates very comfortably with the players. He communicates very easily with both experienced players and young players. He feels very simple, very comfortable. We can easily understand what he expects from us and what he wants from us. Ismael also has a natural charisma. I think he is also an effective element in communication. He makes us feel that he is always open to communication. Whenever we need it, whenever we need something, “We know we can go to his office if anything happens. I think that’s a huge advantage for a coach.” he said.


Stating that the black-and-white team has made progress in adapting to the new system in the Austrian camp, Rosier said:

“The results are not very important in the preparation matches, but it was good matches in terms of seeing what is going wrong or what is going better. There are a few points we have improved. The first is the issue of printing. Now we can do the printing in a more organized way, more compactly and correctly. I think we’ve come a long way. Now we can settle into the positions the coach wants more accurately and more comfortably. I think we’ve also made progress in winning the ball faster and winning the ball faster. There are still many points we need to improve. The teacher wants us to get the ball back much faster than we win. Then he wants us to attack faster. Another point is counter-attacks. Counter-attacks and offensive starts. I think we’ve come a long way there as well.


Referring to the jersey rivalry he entered with Kenan Karaman, the black-and-white player said, “All players playing football at this level should be used to it. If you play at this level, players who play in the same position or in the same position will definitely be in the team. Kenan, me or anyone else. There may be other names in the positions. You have to be used to this, you have to set out knowing this, you have to work knowing this. This will also contribute to the team.” made its assessment.


“Whoever the player is playing tries to play with a higher concentration, with a higher focus. So here in football, this issue of jersey competition cannot be viewed as a negative thing. This is a team sport and whoever wears the jersey here is obliged to play with the highest concentration at that moment. We act with awareness. The coach decides who will play and who will remain as a substitute.”

Stating that there is not much change in the new game system for his own position, Rosier noted that they are in good harmony with Rachid Ghezzal and said, “This system also changes according to the situation of your opponent, but there is not a big change especially in my position. Because I am already in any case. “I’m obliged to use that lane back and forth. Even when Ghezzal plays on the sidelines, he constantly folds in. He already opens the area there for me. He is a player I already know. We have a very high level of communication with him now. On my side, in my position, nothing has changed much.” he said.

Rosier, who occasionally plays as a left-back in the friendly matches, said: “I’m completely ready for this. I’ve played on the left side of the defense almost uninterruptedly for a few months when I played in Dijon. I’m totally ready for type changes.” used his statements.


The French player, who accepted the criticism that his performance last season was below his first season, said that he tried to stay calmer in order not to get an easy card.

Rosier noted that he understands the criticisms about getting cards easily. I know we didn’t have a season.” he said.

“There were also some legitimate criticisms about the card”

“I agree with them as well. I try to stay calmer and more balanced as much as possible. Criticism is part of my development. They criticize very well when good, very bad when bad, and it has no balance. To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to them. Because they are not considered. If you take that kind of criticism, it will drag you into depression. The criticisms I take into account are those that are more balanced and more reasonable, and I already do my own criticism in line with them. This is not just a situation specific to Turkey. In all the places I’ve seen and lived, it’s threefold. Five up. Very good when good, bad when bad. We won a double cup with Sergen coach. Then we added the third cup. We had a very successful season. Last season, when things didn’t go well, all the criticism immediately turned to Sergen and people started to criticize him. It is not my place to enter, but this is the situation I am trying to explain about Turkey.”

Reminding that the expectations are very high especially for the coaching of a great team, Rosier said, “The criticism is very cruel when the coach cannot meet that expectation a little bit. Now you see what Cristiano Ronaldo has gone through. His career is an indisputable career, but it becomes debatable. Because when he has not played well for a few months, several When the moon fails to meet that expectation, people immediately try to criticize it in such a cruel way. If you are a part of football at this level, you have to act knowing all this.” made its assessment.


“First of all, I would like to thank the fans very much. Because no matter what the situation is, they always have a support. They always have unconditional love and they have made it felt from the beginning. Many of them are trying to come to the match in any way by forcing their financial conditions. We are trying to respond to their efforts. We are making a very fresh, very fresh start and I believe that this season will be a very successful one. From here, I can send a message to keep them at ease.”

Evaluating the championship race in the new season, Rosier said, “Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Trabzonspor are natural favourites, with us. Last season was very unusual. We are making a fresh start. Galatasaray will definitely not want to experience the same thing again. Fenerbahce has already recovered after a certain stage last season. Good.” made a final. They are making good transfers now. Trabzonspor is already the last champion. I think these four will be the teams that stand out again.” he said.


Explaining that his dream of playing for the French National Team still continues, Rosier said, “This is my childhood dream. I have not given up on it, but getting there and getting to that level requires something else. “I haven’t given up. I always have that dream in my head. One day it will be one of the greatest things in my life.” made its assessment.

Evaluating the “coincidence” comment of coach Sergen Yalçın as a defender after they conceded similar goals in the match they lost to Sporting Lisbon 4-0 at Vodafone Park last season, Rosier said, “There is a match preparation. There the teacher will tell you something. , analysis, shows the clips there. Everyone’s duties are clear. When you concede three goals that are very similar to each other in the same match, it is the responsibility of the players on the field in the first place. Because no matter what, you can at least take a better position after the first, do more accurate things, and prevent the second and third. I don’t think it’s right to put the full responsibility on the coach here, to put the coach in focus. The main responsibility here is the player on the field.” used his statements.