these are his famous songs that have dedication

The Colombian singer Shakira is one of the most successful Latinas of the moment and during her almost 30 years of experience she has been able to position herself in the first places of the different popularity lists of the countries and that is that her charisma, talent and skills as a composer that has conquered the hearts of the whole world.

It is no secret that the interpreter of “that you stay with me“She has an impressive songwriting talent, writing every single album she’s released in all her years in the music industry, now being in the spotlight for so long has seen us be in love sometimes.

It is said that if you fall in love with a writer, he can immortalize you in a poem forever, the same thing happens with Shakira Well, today we will present you the five songs that have a dedication for a person who once stole her heart and had her seeing hearts everywhere.

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Shakira: these are her famous songs that have dedication, photo: instagram

1.- January day.

A calm, romantic, healing and beautifying ballad, this is how you can describe this beautiful song, belonging to his album “Oral fixation” published in June 2005, one of the musical projects that resulted in several grammys at the time for the songs that make it up.

Now this song was written for Antonio de la Ruathe Argentine businessman who had a relationship with the Colombian for 10 years, because in the music video you can see the singer walking on the beach and making a heart with the initials “S” and “A”.

two.- Luck.

Belonging to one of their most successful albums “Laundry Service” and there is a verse that is a clear direct indirect for Antonio de la Rúa, since it says:

“Lucky that you were born in the south

and that we make fun of the distance”.

Definitely, the Argentine was a very important person for Shakira.

3.- I fell in love.

The reggaeton hit recounts the way in which she met the father of her children, Gerard Piqué, Well, with all the rhythm, she tells what she felt, what she thought and how in love she felt when she saw him for the first time. Being a part of her latest album”The Golden“. The month of June brought the news that he was no longer in relation to the Spanish.

4.- You.

It is rumored that it was written for Osvaldo Riosthe Puerto Rican actor who had a brief affair with the interpreter of “If you go“, a relationship strongly criticized for the great age difference, he is almost 20 years older than her, at the time he was too young and his career was just taking off.

5.- Anthology.

There have even been many memes circulating about “If Shakira surpassed the ex who dedicated “Anthology” to her, don’t surpass your jackal“, to his old love from his adolescence, with this hit he launched himself to fame, he wrote it when he was 17 years old.

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