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The perfect car for you is the one that meets your needs.

Hey guys, beauty? Whenever I make a video demonstrating an electric car I get at least one comment saying “it doesn’t pay”. Indeed, it may be true in very specific cases. But most of the time, it is simple ignorance of the potential and changes in habits that the transition to electric mobility will require from the new convert.

In very few cases someone who has acquired a electric car
(buying or renting) regretted the change, but there are. Most likely because you chose wrong. There is no best car in the world, there is the best car for you. This analogy can be used for combustion cars as well, but that’s not my focus.

In today’s text, I want to bring some details that need to be evaluated before choosing the first, or even the next, electric car. Points that go unnoticed when we are closing a purchase. When we talk about an electric car, there are few brands that will give you more than one model option. So you should do a lot of research before buying, as you won’t be able to compare one car next to another.

First, consider that you will need a place to charge your new car. Better that it is at home and with solar energy. But if you don’t, ok. I’ve been using it for over two years electric vehicles
without a charger at home, but you need to know where you have a charger, opening hours, if there’s a line to use it and if the place wouldn’t imply constant charging (yes, there are places that do).

Still in relation to charging, you need to know if the car you want is compatible with the charger, the charging time the car would take and, if it is a Renault Zoe, if the charger has the infrastructure to allow charging (this is a topic for another time).

Many people comment that it takes a long time to charge an electric car
. This can be true if you need to charge in an emergency that the current autonomy doesn’t suit you. So, evaluate how long you would need to charge and at what time of day you would do it. Each car has a maximum power, from 6.6 kW in the case of JAC cars and Nissan Leaf
up to 22 kW for the Audi e-Tron
(optional) and the Renault Zoe

Still linked to the charging time, you need to assess the necessary autonomy. One thing is daily autonomy, another is sporadic autonomy. Most people do not drive more than 30 or 40 km a day and an hour of charging would guarantee this autonomy in most cars using a 7.4 kW charger.

It may not be your daily routine, but if you know that it is a routine to travel to certain places, evaluate the road autonomy of the car, if there are chargers on your route and the extra time you would need to charge on the way. Don’t forget to guarantee the autonomy of the return so you don’t have to return with a tow truck… Yes, that happens to those who don’t prepare.

Size matters: Assess cargo capacity and space for passengers. It’s no use buying a car smaller than your need or bigger than your garage space. In general, larger cars also consume more energy, so this influences the car’s range and charging time. There are cars for all tastes and sizes, from the rookie Chery iCar
from two doors to the giant BYD Tan

If we talk about electric cars, we cannot leave aside the embedded technology. Press every button on the car, know every screw, read every line of manuals (if you have the patience). You will discover many hidden and omitted functions. Each person values ​​a different part of the car, some value the speakers, others value the comfort of the back seat and there are those who value a good Driving Assistant, who will tell the Tesla Lovers
and the famous Autopilot
. I value energy efficiency, internal silence and a good driving position.

Even with all the information, are you still in doubt which car to buy? You are like most Brazilians. You don’t buy a car with a brain or a heart, but with an ass. Yes, I said, it’s spoken. You need to sit in the car and try it out.

In my opinion it is the best way to buy. And don’t be shy about asking the salesperson to release more than a simple walk around the block. There is no way to know a car in just 1 km of journey, even more an electric car, which is “on average” that you will know the potential of the car. It is necessary to evaluate the ascent, descent, smooth asphalt, bumpy, high and low speeds.

Now we come to the most important time: paying. The value of the good should be the last thing to think about, because it is only after understanding the need that you should think about how much you will “need”.

It sounds incoherent, but if you’re like 99% of people who need to assess their budget, you first need to know what your target is in order to define the strategy to achieve.

Don’t feel ashamed to change your mind because your dream car doesn’t fit in your pocket, look for the one that best suits you within your budget and build your strategy to achieve the goal, my first tip is to get rid of the fuel cost.

Think that your expenses don’t end after you buy the car, they will begin. So, nothing better than getting rid of a drunk car, which will only have more and more expensive maintenance. The electric car will allow you freedom from the gas station and more pleasant visits to the mechanic. Your visits to the dealership will be more to exchange experiences than to exchange parts. Of course, problems exist, but fewer wearing parts means fewer parts breaking.

Speaking of maintenance, knowing that the electric model has a smoking brother can guarantee more parts offers on the market. Electric vehicle designs that originate from combustion vehicles may be less energy efficient than designs that were born electric, but you’ll appreciate it if you need a door or windshield.

There is just one more thing to take into account and that is electric car insurance, but I will leave it for another text, as it is a very delicate subject.

So, my dear reader, I say goodbye with a desire to have contributed to your decision.

Until later.