Morutan statement from Rıza Çalımbay!

Demir Grup Sivasspor Coach Rıza Çalımbay said that the players who left the team should fill their places.

Answering the questions of AA correspondent in the camp they held in Stegersbach town of Graz, Austria, Çalimbay said that they want to include at least 3 more players in their squad.

Experienced technical man, who explained that they started the season preparations well, “We did our first camp in Gerede. We had a great two weeks. We played two friendly matches there as well. They went well. There was a lot of fitness training there. Then we came here. The purpose of our coming here is to play 3 good matches.” said.

Reminding that 9 players who were in the squad last season left the team, Çalimbay said, “Our biggest problem right now is transfers. We asked for 3 more transfers. We also gave the list. We are trying to get them. Because we lost a lot of players, 9 of our players are gone. We’ve had 3 players so far. We definitely need reinforcements. It would be great if those friends can come while we’re here. “Our first test is the TFF Super Cup match with Trabzonspor. Our whole goal is to win it. In order for us to win, we need to play well and the players we get have to be effective. The team has to sit well.” he said.

Rıza Çalımbay stated that they acted according to their budget in the transfer and said:

“We don’t want to be a burden to our club. Let’s just close the place of the outgoing players. Let’s take players instead of them, we don’t want an extra player. We bought 3 players, we’ll take 3 more players and close the transfer. Maybe another player will be bought if needed, but we don’t say we’ll make big transfers other than that.” We see the transfers made by the teams, especially the transfers made by the big teams are incredible. They get really high quality players. We don’t have such a chance. We get what we can afford, not what we want. We strive for it.”

“We asked for Morutan, negotiations continue”

Rıza Çalımbay stated that Galatasaray are trying to include Romanian football player Olimpiu Morutan in their squad, “We asked for Morutan. There is no problem at the moment. Negotiations are continuing. I hope we will try to settle it.” used his statements.

Reminding that they will compete in the UEFA Europa League this season, the experienced coach continued his words as follows:

“When we went to Europe, we were not a team that was eliminated immediately. We came to good places, we got good points. If you want to compete in Europe and get somewhere, your squad must be very strong. Here you have to take both the league and Europe. If you’re not, you can definitely get into a bad situation in one of them. You can even fall out of both. We do our staff carefully and work well. We’ve been going to Europe for three years. I think this season will be difficult for teams going to Europe. If we make our squad If our work goes perfectly, then we go the way we want.”

“One of the most important things for us is to bring points to Turkey”

Explaining that there is an unstable situation in Turkish football, Rıza Çalımbay said, “There is a lot of development in terms of players in Turkish football. When you look at it, many players go from Turkey to Europe. Lastly, Emre Demir went to Barcelona from Kayserispor. Maybe the boy is in Kayserispor. He didn’t get the chance he wanted, he went there. A lot of our friends are leaving. Turkish players are popular now. We are very good in that aspect. However, we have not been successful lately as the national team. We are not successful in European cups. That’s why this season is one of the most important things for us in Europe. Bringing points to Turkey. Neither the national team nor our teams playing in the European cups are the way we want. Even our champion teams come back with no or very few points. This needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Stating that coaching is much more difficult than acting, Çalimbay said:

“When I was a football player, I played every game. If I’m good, my coach was already playing me. If I’m not good, you sit down. In that respect, my football life was perfect. Everything depends on you there. But in coaching, things depend on you to a certain extent. It is part of our job to train and prepare the players, but the important thing is on the field. Tactical changes on the field, adapting the player to the game, using the friends who come in later… There is nothing for the coaches to do excessively there, too. Everything depends on our player friends. For example, the match is going very well, we miss a goal. It happened to me a lot, the man took the penalty They kidnap and cost us. You prepare everything, you come out with the best squad you have, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. In that case, they won’t send all the players, everyone is loaded on the coach. He says we will change a new atmosphere with the coaches. They cannot touch the player who has made a mistake or made a mistake. The coach is unfortunately in the mouth of the ball and It goes away in the slightest thing.”

Stating that he signed a one-year contract with all the teams he went to, Çalimbay said, “If I only go to the national team, I will not sign a one-year contract. I will sign as much as they want.” said.

“I believe I will do very well if such a chance comes”

Rıza Çalımbay explained that he realized all his dreams in his football career, “I started in Beşiktaş and finished there. I played for 20 years and became the player who played the most. I went to the national team, I was the captain. I was the captain of Beşiktaş for 10 years. One of my biggest dreams was World Team, I went to him. I went there as a coach. “I was 99 percent successful. I surpassed whatever goals were set in all of them. Of course, you can go there and further increase your goal, be it the national team or the big teams. When such a chance comes, I believe that I will definitely do it very well.” expressed an opinion.