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17 July 2022 | Sunday

Mesut Özil left Fenerbahce less than two years after he was splendidly transferred, saying “He is not Elinoglu, he is Evin’s son” and took the road to Başakşehir, the last stop of the veterans.

Except for one or two matches in the Yellow-Navy Blue team, it was far below expectations, causing disappointment. He took his place among the wrong transfers of Ali Koç management. Not to mention that he has a considerable salary and collects a significant portion of his money when he leaves.

A contract is a contract. He will get his due. However, how much did he show his professionalism when he was getting his money to add something to Fenerbahçe, his childhood love, as football?

The pace of training, not taking good care of himself, his business life and relations with his coaches had already made this end inevitable.

Mesut will now try to give the message “I’m not done yet” in Başakşehir. I hope it can provide more than Arda’s contribution.

After Biglia, Epureanu, Mahmut, Mesut, Başakşehir, which is rapidly becoming a thirty plus team, is forming an experienced, qualified but “sluggish” team. Let’s see if they can be happy?


Hıncal Uluç, who we have been working with for a long time, has been fighting for his life for a while. As I write these lines, his kidneys were inoperable, his lungs were filled with water, and he was still fighting even though he was intubated. I knew that Hıncal Uluç had as many dislikes as those who loved him, but I wasn’t expecting this much. Hıncal brother is not an easy person.

Because he has rules and principles that he does not compromise both in life and in his work. Despite what many people think, he says and writes what he is afraid to say as he goes through it. This feature gains enemies. So far everything ok. What is written and said on social media for a person in a sick bed that is not complete.

I will speak like Aykut Enişte, but “When did we become like this?” For God’s sake! What kind of mood is this, what kind of humanity? I hope Hıncal’s older brother wins the battle for survival and he can go back to the days when he would read what was written about him and say, “I write what I know to be true,” with his famous laugh.


Galatasaray After losing Marcao, the backbone of the defense setup, some friends reminded me, “I have the star of the last season, Abdülkerim.”

There is no affect of my words but my heart does not accept my silence! Am I the only one who remembers that 28-year-old Abdulkerim was hired seven times in the last eight seasons in Konyaspor, where he came out of his infrastructure, and could not achieve performance stability? Look, I have no objection that he performed very well throughout the season, except for the last quarter of last year. He also made a good contribution offensively.

But I don’t know how Marcao will come out of Abdülkerim except being left-footed.

I hope he carries the performance of last year to this season as well.

If he improves his position knowledge and reduces his ball losses under pressure, he will adapt more easily.

It’s another thing to be a great team defender, though. We have to show time and patience and wait.

Friendly games say that.


Fenerbahce had to say goodbye to Kim Min Jae, one of the last two or three names to leave the team. Undoubtedly a great loss. The South Korean preferred Fenerbahce and did not go to Porto because the price of release was already kept lower. So Fenerbahce didn’t have much to do. Maybe he could get a little more money and stay for another year.

My point is different.

With 5 days left in the Champions League qualifier, it is unplanned to lose to a player who played in the top 11 in almost all friendly matches and was built on a defensive setup. Since there is such a possibility, your midfield has turned to the Aegean beaches during the Bayram holiday; why haven’t you created a stopper option instead of transferring there?

Does it make sense to play two critical European matches when you don’t have any original defender players other than Serdar and Szalai? Jesus, “Will Novak and Arao slip to the centre-back?” think brooding now. Any way you look at it, inconsistency!

Wherever you look… Let me not tell you.


End In the last years, there has been a complete chaos of motorcycles and scooters in Istanbul traffic.

Since these vehicles can exit from any direction at any time without obeying the rules, I naturally come to an accident, he says.

Due to the expectation of over-delivery by courier and service motorcycles, the creek goes straight up and down, without saying reverse road, light, pavement or something. Good luck, let them earn more, but I wish they would follow the rules a little! We also have new trend electric scooters, especially preferred by young people.
Like the aerobatic vehicle you know, the merarets are working without making any distinction between the road or the pavement. One recently hit a pedestrian in front of me. Alright; driver’s license, helmet, rule etc. do you say you have? What a trip!

Dear Police Department responsible for Istanbul traffic, I know your job is not easy.

But believe me, this chaotic situation is now bothering us. Here is the fatal accident that happened last week. Neither the rider on the motorcycle nor the scooter has a hood. Shame on them and the drivers.

Doesn’t this question need some regulation and heavy control?

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