Is it worth joining the FGTS birthday withdrawal to invest? – Economy

O FGTS birthday withdrawal (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço)a modality that allows the withdrawal of part of the available balance every year, gains attractiveness at the current moment, marked by interest rates at the highest level in the last six years.

The bet on adhesion is seen as a good opportunity for those who want to use the resources to invest, since the fund accounts yield only 3% per year + TR (Referential Rate)currently at 0.15%.

For those who carry out the exchange for an asset of fixed income with a return of 15% per year, an investment of BRL 1,000 for a period of five years will become BRL 1,750 (+ BRL 750) at the end of the term. Without FGTS, the same amount will evolve to just R$ 1,157.50 (+ R$ 157.50).

Tiago Almeida, fiduciary planner at Fiduc, explains that the exchange of profitability is worthwhile for investors in all scenarios, but defends the study of options when choosing the best asset. “If it’s a good option, people need to be aware of whether they have a short-term or long-term goal,” he says.

In the planner’s opinion, the decision is very individualized and can be an interesting bet to supplement income, pay off high-interest debt and even guarantee a fatter retirement.

“If the person has a cash flow, it is interesting to withdraw to compose an emergency reserve, which is the most important thing within the family budget. If they want to withdraw in 20 years, the amount will become a very interesting amount” , completes Almeida.

When opting for the modality, however, the worker needs to understand that the FGTS money serves as a refuge for professionalsas warned by Bruna Allemann, financial educator at Comprocerto Certo.

“Despite the low performance, [o FGTS] it’s a good way to save in a natural way and have a relevant amount to fulfill dreams like the down payment of your own home. The opportunity to have this money in hand, often goes to spend and not to invest”, says Bruna.

Another important factor to be analyzed takes into account that, when opting for the birthday withdrawal, the worker loses the benefit or right to redeem the FGTS money in case of dismissal. You also have to wait two years if you regret your choice. “It must be a very well thought-out decision”, says the financial educator at Acho Certo.

birthday withdrawal

Created in 2019 and in force since 2020, the modality allows the withdrawal of part of the balance of any active or inactive FGTS account each year, in the anniversary month, in exchange for not receiving part of what is entitled in the event of dismissal without just cause.

To be entitled, it is necessary for the worker to opt for this modality, at any time, through the channels provided by Caixa: FGTS App, on the website, on Internet Banking Caixa or at branches.

The option is not mandatory. Whoever does not make the option will remain in the withdrawal-termination system. Workers who opt for the birthday withdrawal until the last day of the month of their birthday may receive the amount in the same year of option.

In 2021, 9.8 million new workers joined the modality, and the annual withdrawal was R$ 17.7 billion since January of that year, including the amounts transferred to financial institutions due to the hiring, by some workers, of anticipation of withdrawals in these institutions.

The withdrawal period begins on the first working day of the employee’s birthday month. Values ​​are available until the last business day of the second subsequent month. If the money is not withdrawn within the deadline, it goes back to the FGTS accounts on behalf of the worker.