Doğukan Sinik: My target was always Europe – Antalyaspor News

23-year-old midfielder Doğukan Sinik, who was transferred from Antalyaspor, one of the Spor Toto Super League teams, to Hull City, one of the England Championship teams, visited the Turkish Sports Writers Association (TSYD) Antalya Branch and said goodbye to the branch president Şifa Çiçek and the members of the press. Sinik also answered the questions of the members of the press during the farewell ceremony held in the association’s press conference room.


Stating that it was an emotional farewell for him, Doğukan Sinik said, “Obviously, it was a story that I would be very happy about. I am very happy and proud. As someone from Antalya, as someone who was born in Antalya, grew up in Antalya and played in this team, I think it’s a good story. I think it was an exemplary story. To be honest it hasn’t been easy. Nuri Şahin was my biggest supporter in this exit and on the way. I always say this. First of all, my brother and my coach in the team provided me with this,” he said.

Noting that he had a very happy period, Doğukan Sinik said, “It is a brand new story for me, I am going to a place where I will have a completely different experience. Frankly, I am very happy,” he said.


Pointing out that Antalyaspor is very confident in the infrastructure system, Sinik stated that he believes that much more beautiful young people will grow. Doğukan Sinik said that his heart will always be with Antalya and Antalyaspor and said, “No matter how many goals you set, the things you experience deviate you from your goal. Inevitably, this can happen. It’s actually pride, I can see it in people’s eyes. I am proud to go with this record,” he said.


When asked about Antalyaspor Football Manager Nuri Şahin’s confidence in himself, Sinik said, “I thought about this a lot during this period. Our relationship with Nuri Şahin was so great that I saw things I had never seen before and experienced emotions I had never experienced before. Tactically speaking for myself, I understood that I was playing football. I realized that I have matured in football. I figured out how to do what I do. I say this as a mature person after this period of time, I do not expect from anyone with great expectations what I experienced with my teacher Nuri Şahin. Because before we became a teacher, we had a brother-sister relationship. He is always in my heart, we will always be together. It’s not goodbye, it’s our parting with him.”


When asked whether it was the right time to leave the team, the young player gave the following answer:

“It’s been 10 years, I’ve had some really good, really bad times. There is a period that I caught with our teacher Nuri Şahin. This period has been so good that since the first day I came to Antalyaspor, it made me feel like I had lived through this period. It’s like I’ve never experienced anything bad. I had such a good time with our teacher that I understood him in the process. It seemed as if I had never made a mistake, no mistakes were made to me, and I always played, always struggled. I really experienced this feeling because of our teacher. Now that I think to myself, the time has come for me. I believe I will stay at one level now. I believe that I will improve myself. Most importantly, I believe that I have matured and put my feelings aside. Nuri Şahin is the one who made him believe this. He provided incredible mental coaching not only on the field but also off the field. I said I’m ready now. There is success and failure in football, there is no middle ground. I don’t have any question marks in my mind, I wonder if it was like this or if it was like that. I’m very clear. I stand behind my decision. I am sure and I know that Antalyaspor will be very successful this year as well.”


Asked what it felt like to be praised by world-famous striker Samuel Eto’o and former football manager Nuri Şahin, with whom he played for a while, Doğukan Sinik said, “When I played with Samuel Eto’o, he gave me great support. If I remember correctly after Eto’o used these sentences, I was loaned to Kemerspor in a very short time. I had an adventure there. We even had a conversation when Nuri Şahin was a football player. It’s a very funny memory, and I tell it to him sometimes. He told me that I am a very good football player and that I have interesting features. And I said to him, ‘Brother, please don’t tell me this, because when I’ve been told before, I always have a lower league experience. I said, ‘I can be rented this year too, please, I don’t think I’ve heard of it’. We had a funny conversation. It is very important to hear these words from two world stars, but when my teacher Nuri is mentioned, I get emotional. Because it has given me a lot. As if he could read my insides, he always did more than a teacher like a mental coach during those breaking moments. I was very lucky to work with him.”


Pointing out that playing football in Europe is always among his goals, Sinik said, “Especially to see my friends in the national team playing football in Europe and what they did there, after seeing and witnessing their adventures, memories, successes, failures, good things, negative things in that environment. Now, the people there are making a way for the people here. That was always my goal. I’m currently transferring from Antalyaspor to the Championship, now we have an agreement. After me or the current youth, this mentality will be formed. This is happening, there is an example of it. This is a very important thing. If we have a young brother who really has a goal in Europe and lives his vision in that way, then that means it can happen, and I’ve seen it happen.”