Sonic the Hedgehog: All the series and movies announced so far

sonic the hedgehog It is one of the most significant franchises for the video game industry. However, despite its popularity among fans, games have been on a path full of uncertainty for years.

The funny thing is that when it comes to the field of series and movies, things are going better than anyone would have expected. In fact, the movie sonic the hedgehog 2 It didn’t take long for it to become the fifth highest-grossing video game movie in history, grossing over $400 million worldwide.

Taking this into consideration, it is not surprising that SEGA is more focused than ever on exploiting the full cinematic potential of its franchises with series and movies. The company is even looking into bringing the Atlus series to the movies. If one thing is clear, it is that we will have many adaptations in the future, and several of them already have sonic the hedgehog Confirmed as lead.

Sonic Prime, the Netflix animated series

We start with the series of which we have more details, and it comes to us from nothing less than a collaboration between SEGA Y Netflix.

Sonic Prime is an animated series focused on the adventures of Sonic and his friends, with a modern visual style although more on par with previous animations in the franchise. In what little we have seen of the project, it can be seen that it follows more the line of the universe of Sonic and its characters.

It has been confirmed that Sonic Prime It will initially have 24 chapters, although we do not know if they will have a common plot or will follow the casual and independent style of sonic boom.

Knuckles, the live-action series from ParamountPlus

In February of this year the company paramount confirmed that throughout 2023 a spin-off series of knuckles with a live-action design. This is just another smart move, considering the unpredictable red hedgehog’s prominence in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

“One thing I knew after we finished the movie is that people are going to love this character. [Knuckles]ยป, said director Jeff Fowler. “He’s such a wonderful character and allows for emotion in so many different ways, so hopefully it’s all coming pretty soon. But for now, I’m excited for people to see the sequel.”

The announcement quickly led fans to speculate about the spin-off’s plot, though unfortunately we don’t have any confirmed details. It remains to wait to see what they surprise us with paramount Y SEGA for the live-action of knuckles exclusive to Paramount Plus.

sonic the hedgehog 3

How could it be otherwise, paramount already confirmed the production of sonic the hedgehog 3. The issue of dates is a bit difficult to ensure, since no project is safe from being delayed or even finished before time. However, it looks like Paramount is trying to be realistic this time around and aiming for a 2024 release.

The last we heard about the project is that the company was looking for an actor who could give voice to shadow the hedgehog, one of the most important characters in the series. This, added to the events of the first films and the post-credits scene of the second, leads us to think that the plot could revolve around the powerful Shadow.

About the specific plot, it’s too early to know anything. Not even the creative team or the full cast of talent for the new project has been confirmed, but on the web we are keeping an eye on any details.

sonic series

Sonic has already entered the virtual world

We must not forget another field that is becoming more and more relevant in the world of entertainment: virtual entertainment. SEGA has explored the world of VTubers or virtual youtubers almost since its inception, and has made clear its intentions to enhance the Sonic universe with this technology.

As a result, Sonic became a VTuber last year. Other characters such as Tails, Knuckles and Amy joined later. The potential for virtual technology is unpredictable and is believed by many to be the future.

Imagine hours of entertainment with Sonic and his friends every day and with a new plot every time. The production would be less than that of a movie, and it will be a smart way to reach more users through YouTube and other free platforms. So far, the collaboration between Vtuber Korone and Sonic seems to have been a complete success.

That’s all the audiovisual content of Sonic in development that we are aware of so far. It’s clear that animations are an important part of SEGA’s future as a company, and fans have shown that they enjoy them immensely. What do you think?