see how are the value of social BENEFITS

key points

  • New minimum wage of R$ 1,294 for 2023 should also generate changes for beneficiaries of social programs;
  • Social benefits must have readjustments with a new minimum wage in 2023;
  • Amount of BRL 1,294 for the 2023 minimum wage.

New minimum wage in 2023last Tuesday (13) was approved in Congress the value that is foreseen at Budget Guidelines Law (LDO), serving as the basis for next year’s Annual Budget Law (LOA). With the new salary floor, the recipients of social benefits must see readjustments in next year’s transfers.

Social benefits should be readjusted with a new minimum wage in 2023. (Image: FDR)

The LDO establishes the value of BRL 1,294 for the 2023 minimum wagea increase of 6.77% on the current floor of R$ 1212. With the changethe benefit values ​​as salary bonus, unemployment insurance and BPC, the Continuous Cash Benefit should also increase.

Social benefits should have readjustments with new minimum wage in 2023

O increase of BRL 82 in the minimum wage for 2023 should also be reflected for those who receive certain social benefits. O PIS/PASEP salary allowance, paid to public and private sector workers who receive an average of up to two minimum wages per month with a formal contract.

Thus, to the next year, can count on the benefit, those who meet the requirements and receive up to R$2,588. Faced with the new salary floor, the feature offered to those contemplated can vary between the values ​​of R$ 107 and R$ 1294, according to the months worked.

Another change is in BPC rulea per capita income of the recipient in 2023 must be between R$323 and R$647. While the unemployment insurancewhich depends on the average salary of the last three months prior to dismissal and cannot be less than the minimum salary, will now have a floor of R$ 1,294.

O benefit ceiling will be announced coming soon by the government after the disclosure of the INPCthe National Price Index, which is used to correct the benefit.

Minimum wage for 2023 is approved, see what changes in social programs

O new minimum wage of BRL 1,294 for 2023 should also generate changes for the beneficiaries of government-sponsored social programs. Next year, for registered in the Single Registry, platform that directs low-income families to receive government aid, they must have per capita income of R$647 or have a total family income of R$3882.

The changes presented here consider the amount approved by Congress last Tuesday as the basis for the calculations, which is R$1,294 for the minimum wage. Despite the approval, it is important to note that if there is a new change to the 2023 minimum wage, beneficiaries must consider the change to carry out the calculations in view of the rules of their benefit.

Congress approves new minimum wage for 2023, readjustment value is lower than inflation growth

THE session in Congress for approval of the new 2023 minimum wage started on Monday (11), but was interrupted due to a problem generated in the plenary. With the situation, the vote had to be postponed by the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG). O impasse occurred in the face of the change made to the text by the rapporteur, Senator Marcos do Val (Podes-ES).

Do Val removed part of the text of the amendments that form the secret budget, which culminated in the downtown dislike who expressed dissatisfaction. The opposition said the amendment would not nullify the proposed mandatory secret budget. Faced with the situation, were instructed to vote against, at Novo, PCdoB, Podemos, PSOL, PT and Rede stands.

Despite that, the text was approved in the vote on Tuesday establishing the new salary floor. With the approval of salary of BRL 1,294 for 2023 and comparisons with likely scenarios for the economyconcern was raised over the small readjustment of the minimum wage, which represents a smaller percentage increase than inflation.

The readjustment was approved during the week in which it was discussed in the media and among the population, the ideal minimum wage disclosed by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese).

THE entity conducts monthly surveys that analyze the impacts of inflation on product prices, in addition to the ideal minimum wage in Brazil. The announced salary is based on the basic needs of a family of two adults and two children and points out that the ideal salary would be R$ 6,535.40 in June.

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