Response to the sharing of Umut Nayir from Giresunspor: “We were amazed”

Giresunspordismissed in Hope noir He made a statement on his social media account.

Umut, who was transferred from Beşiktaş to the Black Sea team at the beginning of last season, was excluded from the squad by the club management. After this decision, a statement came from the 29-year-old football player.

– What did Umut Nayir say?

“Due to the news and allegations about me recently, I have had to explain the process as the person at the center of the subject. As you know, as Giresunspor in the 2021-22 season, we struggled to stay in a tough league. Despite all the financial and moral negativities we experienced during the season, I stood by my team until the last minute of the season. and I tried with all my might to contribute. I always stayed on the field. At the end of this struggle, I was proud of having managed to keep the city of Giresun in the Super League. I was one of the last names who chose to go to the federation, despite my rights arising from my accumulated receivables in this process. I became one.

– “KI cannot accept”

I made my preparations and plans for the new season to continue in Giresunspor. Contrary to the unfounded claims that my wife wanted to leave Giresun, we bought a house that would be suitable for our unborn child and paid the rent in advance. As it should be, I continued to work for the new season by being included in the pre-season camp from the first day. As can be clearly understood from the process up to this point, I had no displeasure at playing in Giresun and Giresunspor. On the contrary, I was very proud to be a part of this city’s struggle. However, there were some untrue claims and statements that I did not want to stay in Giresun. I cannot accept them.

– “I regretfully witnessed the discrediting efforts”

As for my process of being excluded from the camp by the club’s decision; When our club offered to make some of the payment by check during the negotiations about my past receivables, I stated that I did not want to be subjected to a different payment method while other players were paid. Although our president said that there was no problem and that the payment would be made, he called in the evening of the same day and offered to cancel my receivables and mutually terminate my contract. Thereupon, I told him that if the payment was not made, I could make a rightful termination. After the negotiations, my past receivables were paid. After this development, I sadly witnessed the dissemination of untrue information and the fact that I spoke negatively to the new players in the team, and that in-team discrediting activities were carried out against me with inaccurate claims.

It is not possible for me to accept that the decision to be expelled by the club is presented as if I had asked for permission or I did not want to stay in Giresun. It is clear with the concrete examples I gave above that I made my new season plans to continue in Giresunspor. The statements on some news sites that I asked permission from the camp certainly do not reflect the truth. I would like to state once again that I did not make such a request. The decision to be dismissed has been communicated to me by the club.

– “Ea non-tick process”

After all these processes, I realized that I was not wanted in Giresunspor, and after I accepted to leave by waiving all my unborn receivables in my contract, our club’s request for an extra money for the termination of the contract brought the process to an insoluble point. The reason why I make this statement is not because I want to call it right or wrong, but because I want a process in the media to be known with distorted expressions. As a result; Not taking part in the new season planning is an acceptable process in the nature of sports. However, as I mentioned above, an unethical process with imaginary reasons is not a part of either sport or humanity.”

– Reply to Umut Nayir’s post from Giresunspor

The club’s statement is as follows:

“Due to the unfortunate and ego-laden statements made by our professional football player Umut Nayir on his social media accounts, there has been a need to make a statement in order to inform the public and our community correctly.

As a result of our football player Umut Nayir’s inconsistent attitudes and behaviors in the pre-season training camp, as well as his search for a team through the managers, it was communicated to the player that he could not be in our squad under these conditions, and he was allowed to find a club for him. While all these facts are clear, we would like to state that we are astonished at the unfortunate statement made by the actor. It should not be forgotten that no one is superior to Giresunspor and every player has to act according to the terms of the professional contract they have signed. Due to the statement he has made, the necessary legal processes have also been initiated in order to defend the rights and interests of our club.

No one should doubt that as the Board of Directors, we will decisively take whatever steps are required by the interests and interests of our Giresunspor. We would like to underline once again the fact that we, as a club, have fulfilled our obligations to Umut Nayir, that we will continue on our way with the right group of players that will lead our Giresunspor to success and win the appreciation of our fans.”