Persuasion: A Disappointing Adaptation and a Dakota Johnson Out of Time

Jane Austen She is one of the authors who has had the greatest number of adaptations throughout history. titles like Pride and Prejudice, emma, sanity and feelings They have passed through the screen on more than one occasion. From plays, series and movies, his novels have had countless versions, period and contemporary, some with greater or lesser success. One of the additions to this new list of adaptations is Persuasionthe original film of Netflix starring dakota johnson which has just been released in the catalogue.

As its name indicates, the film is based on the novel of the same name that Austen completed in 1816, a year before his death. Although many consider Pride and Prejudice its most prominent title, Persuasion could be considered the best story of all the writings of the famous British author, or at least the most emotional and romantic of all.