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Check out the dozens drawn in the contest 8 this Saturday (16): 01 – 04 – 05 – 38 – 16 – 50 and Clovers: 1 and 3

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+Millionaire numbers, contest 3 — Photo: Reproduction/Caixa

  • Man won R$ 1.2 million but can’t redeem the prize
  • Woman finds lottery ticket after tossing it in the trash and wins $110,000

See the details of +Millionaire below:

Learn how to play at +Millionária — Photo: Fernanda Garrafiel/g1

In each bet, the prize candidate must choose numbers in two fields of the card:

  1. Enter at least six numbers in matrix 1, which has options from 1 to 50.
  2. Choose at least two clovers from the six available in the lower field.

For multiple bets, you can choose from 6 to 12 numbers out of the 50, and from 2 to 6 out of the 6 clovers.

Understand how the new lottery + Millionaire works

For the result of the +Millionaire contests, six numbers will be drawn on the globe with 50 balls; in the sequence, two numbers on the globe containing six balls (see more in the video above).

Are ten award tiers. The main prize, in turn, will go to the winner who matches all six tens and the two numbered clovers.

See the award table below:

+Millionaire Award

Hits in Matrix 1 Hits in Matrix 2 award
6 two 62% of the amount collected
6 1 10% of the amount collected
5 two 8% of the amount collected
5 1 8% of the amount collected
4 two 6% of the amount collected
4 1 6% of the amount collected
3 two BRL 50
3 1 BRL 24
two two BRL 12
two 1 BRL 6

How much does each bet cost?

THE single bet costs R$ 6. The price of each combined or multiple bet will be established by multiplying the unit price of the single bet. That is, the more numbers the person chooses, the greater the amount to be paid.

Bets can now be placed at lotteries across the country, on the Loterias Caixa portal and on the Loterias Caixa app.

What is the step by step to bet online?

Anyone who is going to place the bet online needs to inform the CPF number, full name, date of birth, mother’s name and a valid email – it is also necessary to create a numeric password.

The Caixa then sends a confirmation email to validate the registration. By clicking on the link in this e-mail, the person who will place the bet will be directed to a page where it is necessary to complete the registration, placing a telephone number and zip code.

After agreeing to the terms of use, it is possible to place bets by accessing this link to bet. The minimum amount for online betting is BRL 30. The daily limit is BRL 945. In the lottery, the minimum bet amount is BRL 6.

See below what it takes to bet online:

  • Enter the cashier website to register (click here)
  • Have your CPF in hand
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • have email
  • have a credit card
  • After creating the registration, confirm the data by clicking on the link received via email
  • Complete registration and accept terms of use
  • To bet

How often will the draws be?

The +Millionaire raffles will take place on Saturdays.

Can I do ‘stubborn’ or ‘surprise’?

Yes, the concierge guarantees the bettor to use these methods game. The tools work as follows: in the “little surprise”, the system chooses the numbers for you; in “stubbornness”, it is possible to keep your game consecutively for up to five weeks.

Can +Millionaire accumulate?

Yup. If there is no winning bet on the 1st prize tier, the amount rolls over to the 1st tier of the following contest. The same goes if there is no winning bet from the sixth to the tenth band.

In addition, the following scenarios are foreseen:

  • if there is no winning bet on the 2nd band, the amount is prorated among the winners of the 3rd;
  • if there is none in the 3rd, the value is apportioned among those in the 4th;
  • if there is not in the 4th, the value is apportioned among those in the 5th;
  • and, if there is no 5th one, the value is apportioned between the 6th ones.

How many games are there in Caixa Lotteries?

With +Milionária, Loterias Caixa started to offer 11 lottery products:

  • +Millionaire;
  • Lucky day;
  • Double Seine;
  • lottery;
  • Federal lottery;
  • lottoeasy;
  • lottomania;
  • Mega Seine;
  • Quine;
  • Super Seven;
  • and Timemania.

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