How long does a movie last on movie theaters?

Each cinema negotiates separately

The duration of a movie in a cinema can depend on the total number of rooms in said cinema. Some 16-screen multiplexes can afford to stretch a Spielberg film for two months, while another five-screen cinema will try to show the most recent releases for guarantee the influx of public to your facilities. However, the data shows that on average, a film usually spends a few four weeks at the movies. From the first two weeks after the premiere, the public that goes to a particular film drops sharply. The cinema will keep the film in very reduced hours as long as better releases do not arrive.

Is there a minimum time that a movie must be in theaters?

Well yes there is. If a movie is a flop, a theater may be required to screen it in its theaters. This is due once again to agreements with distributors.

When a contract is signed so that a film can be shown in a cinema, the minimum time agreed upon is two weeks. Once that time has passed, the cinema can decide whether to extend that contract or if it is more convenient to cancel it and try a new production.

The time also depends on the type of film

doctor strange disney plus

The more anticipated a movie is, the less it could last in theaters. Does this make any kind of sense? You are right. Expected Marvel movies usually have a very specific and loyal audience. People usually go to the cinema in groups during the first or second week of broadcast. The fear of missing out and the fear of seeing a spoilers They make the job of getting us to the movies quickly. Hence the MCU movies see drastically reduced its influx after the first 14 days since the premiere.

It won’t be the same in a less expected film, with an older target audience and that gets its affluence little by little thanks to word of mouth. Added to this is another important fact. Formerly, the cinemas negotiated a margin with distributors. They could set lower prices for movies that had already been in theaters for a few weeks, thus improving their profits. However, the sector has changed, and margins are currently usually fixed.

Why are the sessions in VOSE so short?

Good question. If you want to see a movie in original version, you will have to do it during the first days of broadcast. Preferably the first weekend.

If you usually go to the cinema for these sessions, you may have noticed that They don’t have as much traffic like the theaters in which the same film is broadcast in its dubbed version. This phenomenon is even more accentuated in small cities. For that reason, these sessions are not as profitable for the cinema. They have their audience, but the move of occupying two theaters with the same film only pays off during the first week.

How long does it take from a theatrical release until it reaches streaming?

With the pandemic, the world of cinema has undergone many changes. One of them is that the time from when a movie is released in theaters until you can see it on the sofa at home has been significantly shortened.

Disney productions

pixar network

Disney does not have a fixed time set from when a movie is released in theaters until you can see it on Disney +. However, they do have a great track record behind them that allows us to get an idea of ​​the times they handle.

Disney animated films typically premiere on Disney+ a few 45 days later to be screened for the first time in theaters. However, there many exceptions. For example, Net, Lucca Y Soul premiered directly on Disney+ during the pandemic. Charm It also did not follow the plan to the letter, as it reached Disney Plus members only 30 days after the premiere in theaters.

Marvel Eternals.

Regarding marvel studio productions, they usually take about 60 days from when they come out in theaters until they arrive on Disney +. Here too there are exceptions. Some have launched after only 45 days and others have been put on the platform itself as a rental parallel to its premiere on the billboard.

Warner Productions


When we talk about Warner we mean hbo maxwhich is its digital content distribution platform.

WarnerMedia’s strategy is very similar to Disney’s. The objective of this company is that we can see its premieres on its streaming platform just 45 days after the theatrical release. Warner has also tried to experiment with the simultaneous release on HBO Max and theaters, especially in late 2020 and early 2021. However, the company had problems with releases such as The Matrix Resurrectionsbecause when it premiered on HBO Max, very few people went to the cinema to see it, thus ruining the other producers who could only recover their investment from the money raised in theaters.