Abdullah Avcı is waiting for the new transfer

Avcı, emphasizing what they did to see the positive and negative sides of such friendly matches and to catch the rhythm of the match, said, “Today there were very positive messages. Because we have been together for 20 months. We have a lot of repetitions with 70 to 80 percent of the team. This is a little bit each time. “It’s getting better. This makes us happy. I’m happy with the game today, it’s a fact. Now we have 2-3 days off. Then we will start the Austrian camp and play two friendly matches.” he said.

– Super Cup match review

Expressing that they will start the season with the Super Cup match on July 30, Avcı said:

“We have heavy traffic until November, maybe we won’t be able to breathe. That’s why this period from June 27 until now is very important for us. We will prepare without injury, by working, by playing the right friendly matches. Our closest achievable goal for the Super Cup is to win it. We will try our strength in the field and the organization of the game to get it, then we will look at the league matches. We will play the first leg of the Champions League on August 16-17. We will go without breathing until November. The feedback from the players is good so far. It makes us happy. Will participate. “We have friends. Uğurcan is here, he is there, Trezeguet will continue. Cornelius has just started today. The quality of competition will be high.”

Explaining that they will set out for a new story by making up for their 1-2 shortcomings, Avcı said, “We had a great season last year. The whole city supported it. They were happy, too. We wore the epaulette, we wore the crown. It took its place in history and this The file is in yesterday. Yesterday is in yesterday. We are on our way to write a new story. I think the fans will support this story as well. That’s why we always need their support and the patience they show us. We do good things, we are respected. The world watched. I hope it will happen again. Therefore, the new season will be good for all of us.” said.

“There are young people who have aspirations”

When asked whether there is a player to leave the team in the 2nd stage preparation camp to be held in Austria, Avcı gave the following answer:

“As of now, there are young people who have aspirants. When you come to Trabzonspor, you will play. You will play, just as Ahmetcan from the youth comes today and makes himself accepted immediately. If you are not playing, you will go, you will play, you will come again. There are many examples of this in history. This is a place to be expected a lot. not. Trabzonspor is competing, it’s a competitive place. There will definitely be alternative players. That’s why we are currently evaluating the situation of our young people inside us. How is the feedback, how is their training performance, what will their suitors add to them? If you are going somewhere, there should be a place that will add something to you. “As a game, as a coach, and as a club, his development and return must be correct. We are working on them. It will be clearer in a few days. Right now, our numbers are clear, they are in close competition.”

– What did he say about the transfer work?

Speaking about the transfers, Avcı stated that they transferred two young local players who will play in the national team as of now, by acquiring Eren and Doğucan from Kasımpaşa, “They are doing very well. Their adaptation and adaptation are also going well. Denswill is with us again. He continues. Larsen is a player who has already proven himself and his pace is very suitable for this league. He just has a change of foot, he plays very mature.” he said.

Noting that the work continues for the transfer of the right defender, Avcı said, “We are in talks with many players. The President, Ertuğrul Bey, the board of directors are in talks. We are trying to do the best. We try to get what suits us with the budget, with the philosophy of the game. Sometimes there are opportunity transfers for other positions. “He will come out. It will be the edge, it will be suitable, another player will have a situation. He is open but when we get a right centre-back, we will be on our way one more step confidently.” I think.”

– “Kouassi, talented actress, Taha gives the right messages”

Regarding the allegations that Kouassi will leave the team, Avcı said, “Nothing happened to me. It did not come from the player. No. Today, he performed very well both in terms of game and goal. One thing is that the players get better by playing. That’s how it is. We don’t have any idea of ​​parting ways with Kouassi.” made its assessment.

Regarding his search for a goalkeeper, Avcı said, “Especially, he is improving by playing goalkeeper. Taha played in the second league when I came. He is already with us today because he is a good goalkeeper, a candidate goalkeeper. He shows an important performance in both games, especially in today’s football. To be one extra on the floor, the goalkeeper has to have good feet. Taha can use both feet well. At the moment, he is giving the right messages, we are happy. But maybe we will add another goalkeeper. Three lanes, this one has an injury, there is a penalty, there is everything, we think. But as of now, Taha’s performance makes us extremely happy. I hope it stays that way.” said.