5 apartments that are a ‘chic perrengue’

Living in urban centers can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean having a spacious property available. Advertisements for renting small and sometimes very expensive apartments have become more and more frequent.

Large metropolises like São Paulo and Tokyo are showcases for micro apartments, like the one with just 5 m² in New York that caught attention this week for having a rent of more than R$7,000.

O UOL listed some small apartment properties that have become popular on the internet, but not always in a laudatory way. See below:

No bathroom and 5 m²

A video posted on Instagram by student Erick Conover became very popular by showing what he calls “the smallest apartment in town”.

With an area of ​​5.1 square meters, the small property has a rent of around US$ 1,400 dollars – the equivalent of R$ 7,600.

The property does not have a private bathroom. The bathroom, with a toilet and a sink, is on an outside corridor.

New York is second only to Hong Kong in the ranking of the most expensive cities to live in around the world. According to a broker consulted by “Vogue” magazine, the average rent in the city is around US$ 4,000 (R$ 21,700).

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10 m² apartment for R$ 200 thousand in SP

The tiny studio is in the central region of São Paulo - Reproduction - Reproduction

The tiny studio is located in central São Paulo

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The video of the “smallest apartment in Latin America”, with 10 m² and only a “transparent bathroom” and a large window in downtown São Paulo, advertised for R$ 200 thousand, was published by a realtor on social networks and started a discussion about the value of rent in São Paulo and the quality of life of São Paulo residents.

“At the entrance we have a kitchen; the door; the bathroom stall and the shower stall and the bedroom”, commented Gutemberg Albuquerque, realtor and specialist in real estate sales, in a video of less than a minute, in which it is possible to see the property. Many people turned up their noses on social media.

Property of 13 m² with fridge in the bathroom door

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An apartment measuring just 13 m² has been put up for sale for £250,000. The “investment” will allow the owner of the property to live in one of the noblest areas of London, but with one caveat: the property is so small that the current owner has installed the fridge in the bathroom door. Different? Yup. More than that, it is an obstacle to access the room.

The one-bedroom flat is adjacent to Hyde Park, a famous park in the center of the English capital that hosts music festivals and hosted the 2012 Olympics events. Photos of the tour of the place were posted on the property website Rightmove in 2021.

Apartment in SP of 16m² with bathroom in the kitchen

The apartment with a box in the kitchen is one of the examples of São Paulo apartments that are out of the ordinary - Reproduction - Reproduction

The apartment with a box in the kitchen is one of the examples of São Paulo apartments that are out of the ordinary

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In the Sumaré region, west of São Paulo, a property was the subject of discussion because, in addition to being small (16 m²), it has a bathroom inside the kitchen. The photographer Letticia Ribeiro was looking for a possible new residence in the capital of São Paulo, closer to work, when she came across this apartment.

Announced on the website of digital real estate Quinto Andar, the monthly rental value of the place was quoted at R$ 1,365, in 2021. In addition to having a bathroom and a kitchen in the same environment, the apartment’s sink had two faucets, one next to the other. . To UOLLetticia said she wanted to raise a debate – and in fact she succeeded.

Apartment of 10 m² for less than R$ 5 per month in Japan

Mini apartment in Japan can be rented for less than 10 reais - Reproduction - Reproduction

Mini apartment in Japan can be rented for less than 10 reais

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Faced with so many expensive options, a different one: this property, which is part of the “tiny homes” project of a famous furniture store, is only available for short contracts. The 10 m² apartment in Tokyo has been renovated by the Japanese branch of the Swedish furniture brand Ikea.

The brand accepted applications from those interested in living there. Unlike the other properties listed, despite its small size, the demand for the property is high, as its rent is insignificant for the expensive Japanese metropolis: 99 yen per month (R$ 4).