The movie in which Tom Cruise is a music star, and other HBO Max titles to celebrate International Rock Day

Recommended HBO Max titles with a lot of rock and roll. (Paramount, Warner Bros., HBOMax)

Today is International Rock Day in commemoration of the concert Live Aid which was held on July 13, 1985 in order to collect funds for the countries in crisis in Africa. This great musical event was attended by more than 60 bands and artists, including the most iconic in rock history such as What in, Paul MCCARTNEY, U2 and many more. However, that day she left the world with more than the memory of an excellent concert; he originated a date to celebrate that music that breaks paradigms.

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He doesn’t just rock on stage, that’s why in HBO MAX You can also do it and feel the passion of this musical genre with movies, series and documentaries that tell related stories. Below is a selection of the best content to rock non-stop on this streaming service.

School of Rock Y Tenacious D: the key of destiny

"School of Rock" is a Paramount Pictures production, starring Jack Black.  (Paramount)
“School of Rock” is a Paramount Pictures production, starring Jack Black. (Paramount)

Both productions are featured in their leading role by the musician and actor Jack Blackwho before becoming a Hollywood actor, formed a rock band called Tenacious D along with his actor and musician friend KyleGlass (Blind love). For example, Tenacious D: the key of destiny reveals the history of the Black and Glass band told through their songs.

On the other hand, in School of Rock, Black represents a musician in debt, who takes a job as a substitute teacher of 4th grade in a private school, where he will teach the boys to discover their passion for music.

rock age

“Rock of Ages”: A small town girl and a city boy meet on the Sunset Strip while pursuing their dreams with their sights set on Hollywood. (Warner Bros.)

Musical comedy and drama set in the 80’s, in which you will see julianne hough, Diego Bonet, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, alec baldwin Y Russell Brand; among others.

This is a 2012 film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name, and is set in Los Angeles in 1987, when an aspiring rocker and a girl who work at the same club fall in love and try to stop the place from falling into the hands of the club. of some businessmen who want to demolish it.

The Beatles and India

Biographical documentary about the love story between The Beatles and India.  (HBOMax)
Biographical documentary about the love story between The Beatles and India. (HBOMax)

This is a historical chronicle about the love that The Beatles they began to feel for the vast country of Asia, more than half a century ago. In this documentary you will see unique archives, eyewitnesses, photographs and footage from across India, bringing to life George, John, Paul and Ringo’s journey in search of spiritual happiness (it was a time that inspired an unprecedented creative outburst in India). the composition of their songs).

A star Is Born

Jackson, a country music star with alcohol problems, discovers the talent of Ally, a young singer with whom he falls in love. (Warner Bros.)

2018 hit that won more than 10 awards in the film world. This story follows Bradley Cooperwho plays the role of a consecrated music star named Jackson Maine, who one night meets and falls in love with Ally (Lady Gaga), a talented artist with many dreams to fulfill in the entertainment world. And just as Ally is about to give up on her aspirations to become a singer, Jack decides to help her on her way to fame. But the road will be harder than she imagines.

Hedwig and the angry inch

Actor John Cameron Mitchell acts in a scene from the film "Hedwig and the angry inch ".  (Fine Line Features)
Actor John Cameron Mitchell acts in a scene from the movie “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. (Fine Line Features)

A drama based on a fictional rock band, fronted by a queer singer, who survives a botched vaginoplasty in order to marry an American. The film won the award for best director at the Sundance Film Festival in its year of release, as well as the award for best acting debut at the National Board of Reviewamong others.

Other productions that you should not miss

Cobain and the last days

Sing Street: this is your time

Flight of the Conchords

music box

“Maybe we fall, but if we do, we fall with dignity all together, guitar in hand and rock in our hearts”: School of Rock.


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