Horto Florestal now has electric cars that carry out guided and explanatory tours

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  • Visitors are now allowed to take tours “on tour” through Horto Florestal
  • Historical points are shown by a team of environmental educators
  • Urbia Parks also manages the Ten. Faria Lima Park, in Pq. New world

O Forest Garden is an important brand in the North Zone of São Paulo, within the largest urban forest in the world, with its 64,800 ha, which are shown with the Serra da Cantareira, standing out the Alberto Lofgren State Parkbetter known as Forest Garden.

It is a typical tour for people from São Paulo from all over the city and, mainly, for residents of the North Zone. In the territory there are not many park spaces with attractions. But since April, when Urbia Parques took over the site through a competition opened by the Government of São Paulo, in September of last year, the site began to change with plans for leisure, tourism and education.

In case of Forest Garden/Cantareir Parka, with 30 years of concession, the administration is in charge of the Urbia Águas Claras — who intends to invest R$ 45 million for the revitalization of spaces, ecotourism and environmental education.

In order to provide more and more leisure and accessibility options, the Urbia Águas Claras has invested in new services for the convenience of visitors, such as UrbiaTour. This new project developed by the concessionaire invites the public on a historical, cultural, environmental tour, full of curiosities about the Forest Garden.

From the little train to the modern “electric carts”

With a huge difference from the old “Trenzinho da Onça” — which was pulled by a tractor and carried six wooden wagons, from one point to another in Horto, without monitoring —, the place can now be explored through a guided tour made with electric carts, which run through the main points, in a 45-minute journey.

This tour, in addition to being monitored by an environmental educator, takes visitors on a path that seeks out different aspects of the history of the creation of the Forest Gardenhighlighting its environmental importance as a place of conservation of several species of flora and fauna.

An electric cart of great utility and convenience for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women who have walking difficulties. And, on the other hand, the joy and fun of children. And it can even accommodate a family of five people, who complement the vehicle with the driver.

The visit focuses on exploring various historical aspects of the place such as the Forest Museum, founded in 1931 by Octavio Vecchi and is internationally recognized for having the largest collection of wood in Latin America, in addition to contemplating the monument that represents the Tropic of Capricorn, imaginary line that passes through the park area.

Visitors will also pass through the summer palacea building that was built in 1937, where its architectural style mixes the neocolonial and English country houses and which became a summer residence, which served several governors and representatives of the Government of the State of São Paulo, because of its climate, topography and privileged vegetation.

What buses are there?

There are several bus lines to get to the Forest Garden, departing from Santana Terminal and English stop – both locations close to the Santana and Parada Inglesa stations of the São Paulo subway line 1-Blue – which pass through the site. Some of the bus alternatives that depart from the terminals mentioned above are: 2740/41 Metro Parada Inglesa – Horto Florestal (end stop); 1018/10 Metro Santana – Vila Rosa; and 1775/10 Metro Santana – Vila Albertina.

Parking for visitors with vehicles: there is parking for vehicles in the park with entrance from Av. José da Rocha Viana, 62 – Vila Pedra Branca.


  • Responsible: Urbiatour
  • Departure Point/Cart Tour: gate 1 of the Horto Florestal
  • Location: Rua do Horto, 931 – Tremembé
  • Telephone: (11) 2231.8555
  • Entrance to the Forest Garden: free
  • Operation: Daily – including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
  • Schedules: 9 am to 5 pm, with departures every hour.
  • Value / Cart Tour: R$ 15 per person (up to 05 people per vehicle)

About Urbia

Created in 2019, Urbia Gestão de Parques Urbanos seeks to value, care for and preserve historical and environmental heritage, while offering qualified leisure, entertainment and culture to all users. He currently manages the six parks in São Paulo (Ibirapuera, Tenente Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Jacintho Alberto, Jardim Felicidade, Eucaliptos and Lajeado), supported by sustainable development. In addition to the Horto Florestal and Cantareira Parks, both located in the North Zone of São Paulo/SP, it is responsible for visiting areas of the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks (Cânions), located in Cambará do Sul/RS; and was recently the winner of the concession bid for the visitation areas of the Iguaçu National Park, in Foz do Iguaçu/PR.