“A success I did not expect” .. Ahmed Saad reveals the reasons for his songs topping the trend

A state of brilliance that he experiences during the Ramadan season. Rather, he prepares for Eid al-Fitr parties and beyond with a full schedule of lyrical details that he is working on diligently, which announces a kind of change that the artist Ahmed Saad has experienced for a while, specifically since the beginning of his work on his new album, which he presented a number of. of songs before its presentation. In his interview with “Al Arabiya.net”, he announced his happiness with the success of his songs in the series “Tawbah” and their achievement of high viewing rates, in addition to his participation in the global series Moon Knight, Ramadan supplications and other details that he revealed.

* Before the month of Ramadan and you lead the trend, and because of the series “Tawbah” .. the songs of the series achieved a trend in YouTube and various centers?

** The truth is, I did not expect all this huge success. The songs touched the hearts of the audience, which I followed from their comments on social networking sites. For example, the songs “Ya I wish you will return”, “Baad” and “I concluded my life” trend on YouTube in the second and fourth places And the fifth, as for the rest of the songs in other centers, but a little late, and all I can say is, praise be to God, and thank you to my beloved fans for your love and support for me, and I also thank a large team of poets, composers and distributors who worked on those songs, whether the beginning or the end or the songs that It was presented during the series, which coincided with its events, namely, Hisham Al-Gakh, Sarah Saeed, Muhammad Fathi, Haitham Nabil, Muhammad Atef Al-Helou, Taki and Amr Saad, and participated in writing and composing a number of them as well.

Ahmed Saad

* It is not the first time that you work with your brother Amr Saad in a Ramadan series .. Is it?

** Certainly, and I am optimistic about working with him, as we have presented many works together, as we started in 2011, when I presented the song “Pray for me in the Haram” as the beginning of the series “Abdulaziz Street”, which received great admiration from the audience due to its religious and social words, as well as In 2016, I presented with him the song “I Love You, My Sahib”, which was shown in the events of the series “Younes Weld Fadda” and achieved great success, and in 2019 she presented the song “You are the son of your father” like the series “Baraka”, and last year we presented together the song “Maluk Al-Jada’ana”, which It achieved a success that exceeded expectations, and the song achieved millions of views and was presented in one of the episodes of the series. In fact, I am happy with this cooperation because we achieve great success in every work we do together.

*”My friend, Jada”, achieved great success, even though it was an advertisement, but it achieved a human condition for the audience.. How did that happen?

** The song topped Trend No. 3 on YouTube after it was shown on social media platforms and TV channels, and the child Muhammad Osama participated with me in singing, and it was in favor of supporting children’s cancer fighters, and it was written by Adly Al-Qai’i, composed by Ihab Abdel Wahed, distributed by Fahd Al-Shalaby, and directed by Mido. Adel, and in fact we decided that it would be more like a short film, illustrating the suffering that families of children with cancer feel.

* During the month of Ramadan, I offered many supplications.. Tell us about them

** Basically I was singing and saying prayers and then I started singing, so I like in the month of Ramadan to put prayers, including a prayer entitled “Talib for Your Mercy” written and composed by Haitham Nabil, and distributed by Muhammad Atef Al-Helou, and the supplication deals with resorting to God by asking for mercy and forgiveness, and helping to Repentance and regret for committing sins, which is produced by “Mazika”, and I also presented another supplication entitled “The Lover of Our Prophet”, which is the same as the prayer of “Ya Muhammad”, which was recorded in cooperation with the sound engineer, Muhammad Joudeh, inside the “Studio Integration”.

How did you find the use of the song “Kings” in “Moon Knight”?

** What happened is a great and beautiful thing, and it is not a strange thing for the great director, Mohamed Diab, because he has a vision and point of view, and I was personally surprised by the placement of the song in the series. He asked the producing company to put the rights of the song in the series, and when they informed me of the matter, I did not know anything. The production company contacted me and told me that the song would be used in something important without revealing the name of the work, and I watched the news like all the audience and was surprised and happy a lot, and it is an honorable thing. Unexpected, which made me very happy. I found a person from China who presented a video on Tik Tok on the song, and it increased by 10 million listeners after putting it at work. Every hour I received a new comment on the song’s YouTube, and foreigners were confirming that although they did not understand the song, they loved it.

Ahmed Saad

Ahmed Saad

* Did you expect all this success, especially from foreigners?

** Our Lord’s generosity is always much greater than my expectations and actions. God gives me much more than what I offer, and the song when we were performing it I liked the music, and praise be to God, people liked it too. On the contrary, we offer good words, and thank God people accepted the song.

* What Ramadan TV shows do you follow?

** “Tawba” is one of the works that I love, but my testimony in it is wounded, because it is my brother’s series, and even the songs that Jamila presented is an integrated series, and I also follow the series “The Choice 3” because it is important and explains important events that we lived through, and I also follow “The Big Oy” and it makes me laugh a lot. And I am happy that I appeared with him as a guest of honor in one of the episodes that includes the Mazarita Film Festival.

* What is new with you?

** During Eid Al-Fitr, I gave a party with Ramy Jamal and Baha Sultan in the Chinese Garden in the Fairgrounds in Nasr City, on Thursday May 5, 2022, which coincides with the first day after the end of Eid Al-Fitr.