Reggiana 69-72 Bahçeşehir College – Last Minute Sports News


In the first match of the FIBA ​​European Cup Final, Bahçeşehir College took advantage of the pre-match advantage by beating Italian team Unahotels Reggio Emilia 72-69 away. In Bahçeşehir College, Jamal Jones finished the game with 12 points, and Andrea Cinciarini in the home team became the top scorer of the game with 20 points.

Both teams could not start the match as they wanted, and the home team finished ahead 6-5 in the first 4 minutes of the period. In the later minutes of the period, both teams showed an effective attack. Bahçeşehir College, which scored points with the contributions of Smith and Jones from the side, finished the first period of the match ahead 19-18.

The home team, who entered the second period with Johnson’s effective and scoring game, responded with Bahçeşehir College Jones and the home team was ahead 27-26 in the first 4 minutes of the period. In the later minutes of the period, both teams had trouble finding the offensive score. Bahçeşehir College, which was effective under the basket with Solomon, was ahead 38-34 in the last 1 minute with Smith’s re-introduction. Bahcesehir College, who hit another hit with Sam Dekker in the last part of the period, finished the first half ahead 40-34.

The home team, who entered the third quarter with three-pointers, equalized the score with 6:35 remaining to the end of the period: 43-43. After this minute, Bahçeşehir College, which scored consecutive points with Kartal Özmizrak, suddenly increased the difference to 7: 43-50. Bahcesehir College hit two points with Jones with 2:58 remaining in the period and increased the lead to double digits for the first time in the match: 43-54. Bahçeşehir, which managed to widen the gap in the remaining minutes, entered the decision period 63-47 ahead.

Bahçeşehir College, which started the last period with difficulty in the offensive, could not prevent the overlapping points of its opponent, and with 4:27 remaining to the end of the match, the home team reduced the difference to 10: 57-67. Continuing to play effectively after this minute, Emilia reduced the lead to 5 with 3:13 left with Strautins’ three-pointer: 62-67. Bahçeşehir College, which maintained its dominance in the remaining section, won the park 72-69.



The Yucel family followed the fight, in which Bahçeşehir College faced Reggio Emilia, from the stands. Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions (BUEK) President Enver Yücel, Bahçeşehir College Executive Board Chairman Hüseyin Yücel and their families did not leave the team alone in this important match with their support from the stands.


The second match of the Unahotels Reggio Emilia – Bahçeşehir College final will be played on Wednesday, April 27 at Ülker Sports and Event Hall. In the match, which will start at 20:00, Bahçeşehir College will be the champion even if it is defeated by 2 different opponents.



After the final whistle of the match, tension between the two teams was experienced, and the players were calmed down in a short time.

LIVING ROOM: Unipol Arena

REFEREES: Fernando Calatrava, Nicolas Maestre, Carsten Straube

UNAHOTELS REGGIO EMILIA: Cinciarini 20, Larson, Strautins 8, Hopkins 6, Johnson 16, Baldi Rossi 5, Thompson 9, Crawford 5

BAHCESEHIR COLLEGE: Hall 6, Smith 11, Muhammed Baygül 4, Berkay Candan 7, Oğuz Savaş, Solomon 9, Jones 12, Kartal Özmizrak 11, Dekker 10, Black 2, Erkan Yılmaz

1st PERIOD: 18-19


3rd PERIOD: 47-63


Bahcesehir College Head Coach Erhan Ernak spoke after the match. Stating that they could have won differently, Ernak said, “We could have won differently. But we see this match as an 80-minute match. We tried many different things. We tried things that we could be safe at home and use as weapons against our opponents at home. Some things are good, we need to work on some things. However, on the road, we managed to beat a team that hasn’t lost a game at home this season. I think this is an important resistance point. I am confident that we will achieve results much more confidently, much more planned and much sooner in our house.” Speaking about the fact that 5 players in the team reached double digits, Ernak said, “This was our side target from the beginning of the season. We wanted to create a team that shares our team rather than putting it on a player’s shoulder. I am happy with the point we have reached at the end of the road,” he concluded.



Club President Hüseyin Yücel answered the questions of press members from Turkey after the match. Yücel, who started his speech by saying that they put forth a very good performance, said, “We still hold the record in our hands. We came to the last game undefeated. It was the first match of the final. We were undefeated until the last game of the final, and we won every game both at home and away. Of course, we are leaving a bit sad because the difference was up to 17-18 points. If they had told us before the match, maybe we wouldn’t have believed it, but it doesn’t matter, we somehow got the psychological advantage because we won the match. We won by a narrow margin of 3 points. It is now our duty to bring this trophy to Turkey at our home in Istanbul, in front of our own fans,” he said.


Hüseyin Yücel, who invited the audience to the hall before the match to be played in Istanbul on April 27, said, “We are filling the hall. We need our audience very much in Ataşehir at 20:00 in the evening. We are ahead 1-0 with them. I am waiting for everyone to the game. There is very little time left for the cup, there is only one week left, we are bringing it to Turkey”. Saying that a week will be stressful for them right now, Yücel said, “There is final excitement right now. 1 week will be very stressful for us. We may not be able to sleep, but next week hopefully we will be the ones who reach the happy ending. It will be a great source of pride for everyone to win such a European Cup on behalf of both our team and our country. If they had said before the match that there would be such a match, we would probably have said, ‘Okay, let’s go back’. When it comes to 17-18 points, but it’s normal, because they play at home. It has very serious fans. They would have comeback somehow after a certain point, but we are still 1-0 ahead. We have the advantage, we just have to not make mistakes. If we do not make a mistake, we will bring the trophy,” he concluded.