Amanda Miguel will release “Fuiste Tú”, her last duet with Diego Verdaguer

The singer died in January 2022. Photo: Instagram / @yoamandamiguel

Next Tuesday, April 26, Diego Verdaguer would have turned 71 years old, Unfortunately, he lost his life at the beginning of this 2022 after suffering health complications derived from a COVID-19 infection. For that reason, Ana Victoria decided to remember her father as she would have liked and chose that very special date to launch Was youthe last duet his parents recorded.

Ana Victoria Boccadoro Miguel, fruit of the marriage between the Argentine singers, shared a press release to announce that next week it will reach all platforms Was you, original theme by Ricardo Arjona which was selected by his parents to be performed together due to the love story that its lyrics tell.

A moving song that both decided to record because it describes the commitment that building a solid couple means, like the one they formed for 47 years.”, the statement read.

Photo: The Stars
Photo: The Stars

On this occasion, Humberto Gatica led the production of the song together with Lucas Apesteguiwho is considered one of Diego Verdaguer’s great friends due to the unconditional support he offered him throughout his career. Ana Victoria also participated as an audio engineer and it was announced that she will be responsible for the next projects that are launched in memory of her father.

In addition to the song, an emotional video clip will be published.. So far, more details of the audiovisual production are unknown, however, it is expected that the romantic love story of Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer will be told with the help of images. But that’s not all, the interpreter of He lied to me will share, on his YouTube channel, an interview where he told some personal and professional anecdotes that he lived with the interpreter during his marriage.

About Was youAmanda Miguel assured that she feels very grateful for having carried out this last project with her husband and confessed that the piece was going to be part of a new album that would be made up of compositions by great artists.

Diego Verdaguer and Amanda Miguel (Photo: Instagram/@diegoverdaguer)
Diego Verdaguer and Amanda Miguel (Photo: Instagram/@diegoverdaguer)

Life gave me the opportunity to record this beautiful song with my husband, without knowing that it would be the last time we would do it; We were preparing an album with pieces that transmitted a lot to both of us, from other authors and composers whom Diego and I admire, “he said in the statement.

He also spoke about the complicated process he has faced in recent months since the unexpected departure of the one who was the love of his life and the refuge he has found in his grandson.

This stage has been very painful, all the time I carry it in my mind, in my soul, on a day-to-day basis, like the 47 years we shared. I am left with the peace of mind that we forgive each other everything and with the certainty that I was the great love of his life, just as he was for me. I wish to meet him again and hug him… today my grandson Lucca is my engine, but the light I see every morning when I wake up is still Diego”, he added.

(Photo: Instagram/yoamandamiguel)
(Photo: Instagram/yoamandamiguel)

Ana Victoria also expressed some heartfelt words in memory of her father. The 38-year-old singer confessed that she has experienced deep sadness due to his absence, but has had to be strong for her family, mainly her mother and son, and mentioned that her main task is to fulfill the projects that the singer left unfinished.

“I am trying to put all the pieces together to move forward with the projects that were pending, some are well done, others will take more time; it is a great responsibility, but also a way to honor his memory, his creativity and genius. For me it is very strong to think that this is the last duet of my parents, because it literally is, but it is also important to share this message of commitment between two people who loved each other until the end and even more on such an emblematic date… there is a phrase in the song that says ´grey clouds are also part of the landscape’ and that’s right, it’s a moving subject, it is a reflection of what I saw in a couple that was able to overcome everything because of the genuine affection they professed, “he commented.


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