VW Gol is the favorite, Ford EcoSport leads SUVs

You park in front of your house, or on a street next to a store. And when you come back, where’s the car? In other cases, the driver stops at a traffic light and is approached by armed criminals who, in a matter of seconds, take the vehicle away without leaving any chance of defence. These are some examples of very common car thefts and robberies, which again scare Paulistas, thus approaching pre-pandemic levels. on top of listonce again, is the Volkswagen Gol.

According to a survey of Ituran, a company specializing in vehicle monitoring, there were 12,921 car robberies and thefts in São Paulo in the first two months of this year. The numbers are from the Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo (SSP-SP). They point out that, in January and February, thefts correspond to 23.48%, while the remaining 76.52% are thefts.

1st generation Chevrolet Onix is ​​the second most targeted car by criminals (GM/Disclosure)

To give you an idea, in the same period of 2021, when the country experienced the height of the pandemic, the registered number of robberies and theft of vehicles was 11,387 units in the territory of São Paulo. “The restriction on the movement of people caused the numbers to decrease, but now, even with the population partially at home office, we have rates returning to the same levels (from the pre-pandemic period)”, warns Rodrigo Boutti, operations manager at Ituran -Brazil.

Despite the higher or lower rates of robberies and thefts, the Volkswagen Gol is always the most targeted. In summary, the model remains in the lead as the preferred model of criminals both in 2021 and in 2022. In numbers, there were, respectively, 980 and 1,014 crimes involving cars.

Why is Gol the most targeted?

Questioned by Car Journal about why Gol always appears at the top of the list of most stolen cars, Boutti points out that “in addition to being the best-selling model in the country (it was the most licensed vehicle in Brazil for 27 consecutive years), the Volkswagen hatch is one of the models that have had more versions sold to date”, he says. So “these numbers accumulate,” he explains.

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It is worth remembering, however, that this data explains the reason for the high price of VW’s popular insurance. After all, the index of the most stolen vehicles in Brazil serves as a parameter for vehicle insurers. That is, in most cases, the more stolen, the more expensive the policy. “In January 2020, when I changed my (Chevrolet) Classic for the (Volkswagen) Gol, I got a shock with the price of insurance. It was a jump of approximately 200%. Both were from the same year (2011), but it’s impressive how the car targeted moves out of the insured’s pocket”, explains driver José Fernandes de Souza.

On the other hand, the market has good surprises in store for some customers. According to the commercial analyst, Juliana Souza, who just exchanged a Ford Ka (2020/2021) for a Chevrolet Onix 2022/2023, the insurance was “absurdly cheaper”, celebrates. “I quoted (the insurance) before closing the purchase and the initial value was R$ 1,730.71, while the (value of) Ka would be R$ 3,645.76”, she reveals.

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In this sense, Juliana saved money, even acquiring a more targeted vehicle. However, it is worth remembering that, according to the insurance companies, the values ​​of the policies are quite relative because of the different customer profiles.

Top 10 has 80% hatches

By the table that shows the ten vehicles with the highest rates of robbery and theft in 2022 (check below), 8 of them are hatches. The justification follows the goal line. After all, the more units in circulation, the greater the demand in the underground market, which, consequently, increases the attraction of criminals.

Ranking of theft/theft of vehicles registered by Ituran based on the SSP-SP list:

1) VW Goal – 1,014
two) Chevrolet Onix – 811
3) Fiat Uno – 762
4) Fiat Palio – 572
5) Chevrolet Corsa – 534
6) Hyundai HB20 – 495
7) Ford Ka – 456
8) VW Fox – 367
9) Chevrolet Prisma – 261
10) Toyota Hilux – 260

According to the SSP-SP, the day of the week when there are more records of robberies is Thursday. Regarding periods, night is preferred by thieves, followed by morning, afternoon and dawn.

Regarding the average age of vehicles, criminals prefer models with more than 10 years of useful life. Of the 12,921 cases in January and February, therefore, 5,328 records were of cars in this profile. Then come: between 5 and 10 years old (4,323), 2 to 5 years old (2,504) and new copies – up to 2 years old – finally had 636 registered bulletins. The difference of 130 units consists of unreported cases.

automakers ecosport cars

In SUVs, EcoSport leads claims cases

The index points out that, although they are not in the top 10, SUVs have recorded increasing numbers of theft and robbery in São Paulo. Among the top 10 models on the list (see below)highlighting the Ford EcoSport, which appears with 125 cases in the first two months of the year. And there was a double, after all, the utility was also at the top of the ranking in 2021, with 130 claims.

Honda / Disclosure

In this year’s list, the Honda HR-V is the second model in the theft and robbery index, with 112 units. Next comes the Jeep Renegade, which closes the podium with its 89 cases.

Theft/theft ranking of SUVs registered by Ituran based on the SSP-SP list:

1) Ford EcoSport – 125
two) Honda HR-V – 112
3) Jeep Renegade – 89
4) Volkswagen T-Cross – 84
5) Hyundai Crete – 80
6) Hyundai Tucson – 76
7) Jeep Compass – 61
8) Renault Duster – 60
9) Nissan Kicks – 50
10) Volkswagen Nivus – 40

“SUVs have become popular among Brazilians. And when we have a high number of certain vehicles in circulation, combined with factors such as the need for replacement parts, economic recession (of the country), lack of components and aging of the fleet, it ends up the parallel market for parts is heated and, thus, there is a need to replace inventories in illegal scrapping. Therefore, the numbers of robberies and thefts in the category rise month by month”, concludes Boutti.

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