Trabzonspor-Kayserispor match evaluation from sports writers



Sports writers made evaluations after the match, where Trabzonspor defeated Kayserispor 1-0 in the field. You can find all the articles in the newspapers named at the end of the paragraph.



Except for Visca, there was no mover from Trabzon on the field. Until Nwakaeme enters the game! The Nigerian artist created the magic that was not on the field for 87 minutes with a single move. They are aiming to finish the season they started with the Molde match on 5 August by playing the 48th match on 26 May. They have a deep roster suitable for this long season, but the number of players who fell out of gear especially in April is high. (Uğur Meleke/Hürriyet)

The problem for Trabzon is that they do not bring the backs closer to the penalty area. The main problem was that while Visca and Bakasetas remained in the mark so much, the actors who would do the fine work, especially Abdülkadir, refrained from even trying them. Changing the offensive direction with a long pass or high tempo while the opponent is defending well, or doing fine craftsmanship: They didn’t do well until Nwakaeme came into the game. On his glorious pass, Cornelius’ high composure lowering the ball with his chest changed everything. (Mehmet Demirkol / Fanatic)

Trabzonspor could not catch the ball at the front until Nwakaeme came into the game. Nwakaeme entered, unlocked and scored Cornelius with a perfect pass. Abdullah Avcı’s move to take Koita into the game and return to the double striker prepared the goal. Because the double striker destabilized the Kayseri defense and made him make a positional error. Cornelius softening the ball in his chest and his goal kick smelled of quality. The truth is; Without Nwakaeme, Trabzon’s game rhythm breaks down. (Levent Tuzmen/Sabah)



This is a fact; In times when Trabzonspor blew like a “storm”, some players had a great contribution. For example Visca, for example Bakasetas and Abdülkadir Ömür. The decline in their performance for a while has also negatively affected the offensive power of the team. I do not blame anyone, but Abdullah teacher will have to give extra thought to this issue. I was expecting earlier, but Hunter’s first response came in the 66th minute. Nwakaeme and Dorukhan moves first, then putting Hamsik on the field were changes made to win. (Cemal Ersen/Milliyet)

An advantageous score in the first leg of the cup. But there is another fact that we saw in this match (ups and downs are natural in a long league marathon) Trabzonspor is in a structure that has lost its rhythm. Both team performance and player performances are not at the desired level. The biggest factor in this, in my opinion, is the rotations that should not be done… (Alexander Günen/Sabah)



Trabzonspor, who could not overcome the very measured defense of Kayserispor, where the hardness of football was well applied, came to the defender Dorukhan, Hamsik to the midfield and Nwakaeme to the forward, respectively. Kayserispor could not evaluate the breaking moment of the match with Cardoso in this period. Towards the end of the match, grandmaster Nwakaeme stepped in. He served a great pass to Cornelius, who could not get the balls he wanted throughout the match, while Cornelius finished with an excellent control and place. (Erman Özgür/Fanatic)

Trabzonspor, who could not be organized in the way they wanted on the field, needed to produce scores with these players with high talent and skill. As they always do this, when they successfully completed the in-field practice, the victory came. An advantage was gained for the second leg match in Ziraat Turkish Cup, and morale and confidence were gained for the Super League. (Reha Kapsal/Photomac)

Trabzonspor, who always directed the attacks through him after entering Nwakaeme, scored with Cornelius in the assist of the Nigerian star. Aside from the advantage that the 1-0 result provides for the final in the cup, it will also reflect the morale of the league. What the Bordeaux-Blues need most in the current period; it was a win, it came. (Safa Can Konuksever / Fanatic)