The imaginary state: Chilean-Swedish film about terrorism, Muslims, good and bad premieres | arts and culture

In a terrorist attack on a Jewish institution in Santiago de Chile, a woman and her son die. The wife of the woman and father of the child seeks the truth and revenge. To do this, two years after the attack, he travels to Stockholm…

The imaginary state, directed by Alan Fischer (“Son of Trauco”)It is inspired by real events. The movie will be released simultaneously in Chile and the world online on April 21 by

In addition, there will be functions on the 22nd and 23rd in online mode.

the imaginary state

A man arrives in Stockholm. He introduces himself to a Muslim family as a distant relative from Chile. He is very well received. But he has strange attitudes, he is reticent. He spends his time walking around the city.

We will soon learn that his wife and daughter were murdered in a terrorist attack on a Jewish institution in Santiago. He goes in search of truth and revenge. To do this he gets involved with an extremist Muslim organization.

The imaginary state, a film spoken in Swedish, Spanish, Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi, is a police tape where the psychological prevails over the action. In it, various values, ideals and interests conflict. The mind and the feelings.


The film “was born as a cinematographic response to the different terrorist attacks that have occurred in recent times, especially those that have been perpetrated in Argentina, France and Sweden that have shocked the world for their violence and senselessness,” says Alan Fischer. .

“Also the cases of Chileans who joined the ranks of the Islamic State have deeply disconcerted me. These Chileans who left everything behind and risked their lives to go to Iraq and Syria to live in a culture so distant from their own, and in such a hostile environment. They have made me question a lot about personal motivations in relation to the engines of groups and organizations and about violence and the negative spiral of revenge.

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Globalization, pandemic and changes

“We live in a globalized and uncertain world where everything can change from one day to the next,” adds Fischer. “Social changes, the pandemic, the imminent war, have restructured the perception of everyday life and at the same time have made ‘normality’ more valued. That is exactly what makes this story so attractive. From one moment to another, the life of a man and that of his family changes forever, and we see how he adapts to this new reality where everyone seems to be very different, but at the same time they are so similar at the same time. . It is important to share this story with the Chilean public, because it is a story based on reality, of a Chilean in Sweden, full of data and concrete events that have occurred, so it acts as a record. It seems to come from distant and parallel worlds, but in fact it exists so close to us, on the other side of the mountain range without going any further, or in Sweden, where one of the largest communities of Chilean men and women outside of Chile lives. It is an entertaining, captivating film, where an unsolved mystery of action and suspense is narrated, and at the same time, it touches on deep themes that make us reflect and dialogue.”

The imaginary state “has several layers and can be interpreted in different ways,” says its director, “but ultimately it tells the story of a man who seeks to connect with himself, with the rest and with his past in search of the truth. It’s either a psychological thriller or a suspenseful drama.”

Actors of different nationalities and languages

“Francisco Sobrado, the protagonist, is a great Chilean-Swedish actor who penetrated deep into the psyche of the main character, masterfully portraying someone with strengths and weaknesses, who finds himself standing on a precipice, willing to take big risks. , but always from this vulnerability that is increasing its instability from beginning to end”.

“The film is spoken in five languages. There were people of 10 nationalities speaking different languages,” says Fischer. “It is through language that imaginary constructions are created, such as organizations, ideologies, religions and states.”

good’s and bad’s

The film presents a situation where good against bad, good against good, and bad against bad. Without many grays, except those caused by simple mistakes or intense pain, which can lead to the desire for revenge.

Terrorists are bad, ruthless. Able to take advantage of the benefits of the Western world and the needs of some. They are only guided by fanaticism, giving their lives to God, contempt for Muslims who do not follow them and hatred of the rest.

In this sense, beyond the profile of the protagonist and some others, the film focuses absolutely on him, losing the opportunity to show a rich and complex diversity.

Data sheet

The Imaginary State
With subtitles in English and Spanish.

Director: Alan Fischer
Cast: Francisco Sobrado, Susana Hidalgo, Isa Aouifia, Siham Shurafa, Sandra Redlaff, Pedram Shahlai.

Country: Chile – Sweden
Genre: Drama / Thriller
Duration: 100 min.
Production companies: Ant Fire Productions – Yagán Films – D21
Year: 2020


Simultaneous world premiere: April 21 premiere.

Performances: April 21, 22 and 23
Admission: $3900 pesos
Twitter: AntFirePictures