Summary of Khaled Al-Moneef’s book “The Royal Phase”.

Royal phase book summary It covers many tips that help a person face life’s challenges and gives the reader tips on how to achieve happiness and we will present a summary of it in a useful site.

Important information about the royal stage book

Book name: Ownership stage

Author Name: Khaled Al-Moneef

Dar Al nasher: Jeraisy Foundation

Date of issue: 2019

number of pages: 289

Royal phase book

Royal phase book summary

While you will not get into petty arguments, small wars will not attract you, your efforts will be rewarded, and you will not waste time trying to argue with someone who does not want to. Understand and when you give everything its proper measure, you only care about obedience to God and do not surrender your mind to anyone and do not let those around you decide for you, this is the royal stage.

remote intelligence

It’s always good to have a distance, put your motto of not rubbing people all the time, it protects friendship and increases prestige, love is a smart distance.

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the secret of happiness

Look at life with an optimistic eye and look at the beauty in everything that surrounds you, because God created everything beautiful, but some of its severe misery sees nothing but ugliness, and the optimist is like a flowing river and returns to its purity if it is cloudy. Optimism has nothing to do with qualities and possessions, we can all have it even if we don’t.

These are the moments, so enjoy

You must detach from time and legacy by the clock, live in the present moment and let go of any restraints that disturb its peace, and use all your senses to listen to the moment, for your mind can only bear this or the joy of you. You cannot combine them, if you think of anything but happiness and joy, you will turn to it and the communication sites. Do not hesitate to live your happiness, learn and work for everyone around you so that you do not remember your duties, worries or responsibilities. right Now.

He’s sad.. why? Sad?

If anger leaves others to begin to reduce her tears and pain, sorry for the situation that is bothering her, here are the practical steps for all members of the Zaal Club, you should strengthen the emotional muscles and review yourself, not hold everything back. Use a tough way to be accountable, find an excuse when he’s right, and burn files with those around you. Be a strong person.

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Summary of the royal stage: the ten obstacles to happiness

The author explains in the summary of his book The Royal Stage that there are obstacles and obstacles standing between you and happiness that you blow or jump on, and that he does not compare them, and does not raise his gaze to others. Envy does not raise. White flag and give up, but do your best and try, the past is gone, so don’t think too much, Environment and Circumstances Happiness isn’t created, it’s made in your mind and choice, if you run into problems, you win ‘You won’t grow up and your happiness will bother you, stop fighting with fools and don’t enter In wicked wars, if you establish yourself as ruler of the world, you will always be tense, committed to the impossible and to be wished upon. . Unreachable, not gasping for joy Not everyone lives without renewal and change.


A miserable man with an antique guitar, leaning on crutches, walks and stands in front of cafes, sings and plays in a warm and calm voice in a melancholy tone. One day I told him that Paulo Caillou would never forget him. .

error philosophy

Mistakes are human nature and no matter how clever you are at them, there are rules for dealing with them, the first of which is the mistakes we and those around us make, and the realization that they cannot always be eliminated. Remember the mistake, do not follow people’s mistakes, God will find your flaws.

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rest worry

Good management of the mind makes life beautiful, the laboratory of the mind creates feelings, positive feelings are the result of refined thinking and a mature mind, we are created in the lung, but this does not mean the continuation of pressure, crying and pain. Spend time in the future that has not yet come. Rest anxiety is making time for grieving. Anxiety and crying move forward in life and look for solutions to problems after a certain period of time.

How do you invade the young?

You are human and you can make mistakes. Remember this, don’t be a perfect norm because that’s why you’re unhappy, don’t deprive yourself of the good things in life with your stress, don’t think you’re the problem of the speakers. Councils and everyone’s concerns, a beautiful life is not to get everything perfect, know that now you will forget what bothers you after a while, do not bother yourself with trivial things.

The Royal Stage Book Summary: Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence is a type, all your success in the academic and professional fields is mental intelligence, and emotional intelligence is the emotional intelligence that makes you a beautiful husband and a good father, here are some qualities of emotionally stupid people… Knowing evil and fear is not evil is the future, making decisions without considering your losses and gains, that means You are emotionally stupid and sensitive to criticism and take it upon yourself to be emotionally stupid. You raise the white flag with your first failure, you are also emotionally stupid, you do not take feelings into account and you do not have hearts, words come quickly without thinking, you do not know how to listen, you trust everyone and reveal your secrets, you do not respect dates and quickly get angry about everything.

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The art of dealing with bad guys

Their presence is important for the balance and integration of life.. It is a token of appreciation for your excellence.. If someone dies hiding behind the scenes lamenting him for not pursuing you, but you know. He is indeed harmful, so do not repay his evil with a kind word, and know that some should be treated with a lion’s paw and his breath. Praise be to God because He made you pure in heart and pure in spirit, and remember that if he is ignorant, forgetful or ignorant, then he has the right to be forgiven.

Royal phase book summary
Royal phase book summary

list work

In the summary of The Royal Stage, the author explains that, having fulfilled his responsibilities, he decided to give himself some optimism, and therefore turned to The Bucket List, which tells the story of two men who made promises. They live the rest of their lives to fulfill their dreams and break all the obstacles they face like a virulent disease that gnaws at them. With they and Carter’s wife disapproving, the lesson inherent in this movie could not be. Leave everything that prevents him from achieving his desires.

Five signs of success

We are all looking for success, and many writers and writers have written about it and its factors, here are the five most important signs, first of all, you are the leader in your journey, do not depend on anyone, your opinion is independent and your opinion is independent. The will is free and you choose the life you want, the latter is your courage and perseverance as you face your fears and problems, do not close the doors and run away from them. Realize that life is beautiful in the face of difficulties, third, repeat your trials and stand up when you stumble, failure is a necessity of life, learn from your mistakes and look for opportunities, you will gain experience and improve yourself from mistakes, fourth, focus on what you have, strive to have nothing Fifth, do not be a prisoner of hopes for the future to escape the bondage of the past and enjoy the present.

Royal Phase Book Summary: You First

There is a bad habit of underestimating yourself and your family, and we have to get rid of it and make a contract with ourselves to make our life full of justice and improve your behavior with the following, and I will give my family a great place. Take care of them and be generous with them.. and the most beautiful pots and mattresses.

The summary of Khaled Al-Munif’s book “The Royal Phase” provides many useful tips.

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