Government intends to supervise use of the loan

Any Brazilian citizen can now apply for the Caixa Tem credit. According to information from the Federal Government, several people are already doing this since the opening of the possibility of a loan. But it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the amount that is being released by Palácio do Planalto at this moment.

According to official information, the citizen who applies for the Caixa Tem loan needs to use the amount only for the development of his venture at this time. This is precisely why the release of money only happens for individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) and for the self-employed.

In an interview last week, the president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, spoke about the matter. According to him, the Federal Government should supervise the use of the money by the people who receive the amount. The idea is that users can use the amount to develop their projects.

During the Caixa Tem application process, the self-employed person needs to explain why they need the money now. He may say, for example, that he needs the amount to improve his small shop, or to buy materials for sale. These are acts that justify the release of credit.

The Federal Government does not automatically release the Caixa Tem loan to all users. Immediately after the request, they ask the citizen to wait for at least 10 days for a response. During this time, they analyze the different information to see if the user can receive the credit.

Who is negative can apply?

Anyone who has some type of business and is negative, can also apply for the benefit. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, these people will also be able to receive the credit. In fact, more than 80% of users who applied for the loan so far have a dirty name.

The only requirement is that the debt they have accumulated is less than the ceiling of R$3,000. Real estate financing does not enter this account. Spending with overdraft or even credit card limits is also not allowed.

It is worth remembering, however, that even in cases where the negative person has a debt less than R$ 3 thousand, he will still undergo the 10-day evaluation like any other person who applies for the Caixa Tem loan.

How does the loan work and who can?

According to the rules for releasing microcredit, the physical person You can apply for a loan of up to BRL 1,000, with a monthly interest rate of 1.95% per month and 24 months to pay. To redeem the amounts, you won’t need much bureaucracy, since the contract can be done directly through the Caixa Tem app, just agreeing with the loan terms and waiting up to seven days for analysis.

On the other hand, the Digital Microcredit Simplification Program for Entrepreneurs (SIM Digital) has different rules. In this mode, you can request individual micro-entrepreneurs, with the amount limited to up to R$ 3 thousand, which can be divided into 24 monthly installments. The rates reach 1.99% monthly.

Individuals and MEIs engaged in productive activity with annual gross income or revenue of up to R$360,000. The government considers individuals to be “individual entrepreneurs”.

It is important to highlight that the value must be used for the worker’s business, to increase working capital, purchase of inputs or investments in equipment and utensils that favor the increase of production in the worker’s activity.

According to information from Caixa, at the time of contracting, the user must make a declaration of use of the amount made available, through an interactive quiz on financial education and conscious use of the released credit (R$1 thousand to R$3 thousand).

Loan from Caixa Do you have Auxílio Brasil for whom?

Just over a month ago, the Federal Government announced that Auxílio Brasil users will also have a loan to call their own. This is a consignment that has already been made official by members of the Planalto Palace.

But it is worth remembering that the modality in question has not yet been properly regulated by the Ministry of Citizenship. Therefore, program users cannot request credit at this time.

In any case, the citizen who is part of Auxílio Brasil can apply for the Caixa Tem loan. The difference is that the loan is not consigned. In addition, the user must follow all the benefit requirements.

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