Gang targeted by megaoperation in RS planned robbery in Jurerê Internacional

In addition to running the biggest money laundering scheme in Rio Grande do Sul, the gang targeted by the mega-operation Kraken, which was also active in Balneário Camboriú, on the North Coast, and in Tubarão, in the south of Santa Catarina, was planning a robbery on one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Florianópolis, Jurerê Internacional.

Luxury vehicles were seized through Operation Kraken – Photo: Civil Police RS/Disclosure

The information was confirmed by the director of the 2nd DPRM (Regional Metropolitan Police Station), Regional Delegate Mario Souza. He gave no further details of the alleged robbery.

The Kraken operation, considered the largest in Rio Grande do Sul, complied with court orders in 38 cities in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and four other states of the Federation.

The operation is carried out by the 1st Police Station of Sapucaia do Sul, coordinated by delegate Gabriel Borges and regional delegate Mario Souza, who after a year and a half of investigations identified the money laundering scheme of organized crime in Rio Grande do Sul.

Until this week, the police seized R$ 50 million in seized goods and values. For Mario de Souza, the operation breaks paradigms in dismantling criminal organizations throughout southern Brazil.

“Operation Kraken breaks paradigms in what has been done so far in the fight against organized crime and money laundering. The reflexes of this work will certainly be verified for several years and the techniques used will serve as a basis for future work. It was a skilled crackdown carried out to break the finances of organized crime. It is in the financial part, in the money, where organized crime feels the coup of the State the most”, highlights Souza.

According to the Rio Grande do Sul security forces, values ​​obtained from drug trafficking and property crimes such as robberies, robberies, among others, were made up and invested in a business manner by a Rio Grande do Sul faction that operates in Rio Grande do Sul, part of southern Brazil. and has international connections.

After a year and May of investigations, the police managed to put the Kraken operation into action and dismantle one of the largest criminal organizations in southern Brazil –  Photo: Civil Police RS / PublicityAfter a year and May of investigations, the police managed to put the Kraken operation into action and dismantle one of the largest criminal organizations in southern Brazil – Photo: Polícia Civil RS/Disclosure

How did the criminal organization work?

The criminal group was born in Vale do Rio dos Sinos (RS), always operating in the business sector and seeking maximum profit through robberies, drug trafficking and weapons.

With a kind of internal code, criminal support network, and a kind of criminal bank, they recruited young people to start as steamers or car-pullers, to higher positions within the organization.

The criminal organization investigated has a business character, acting in a regulated, discreet way and always seeking profit through the practice of criminal offenses. Mainly property crimes, drug trafficking and firearms trafficking.

It can be said that, according to the investigations, all types of illicit conduct capable of generating profit was practiced by the members of the group.

The investigation also found that the group practices extensive and complex laundering of goods and values ​​resulting from drug trafficking, illegal trade in firearms, illegal trade in precious stones, property crimes, crimes against public faith such as forgery of documents, forgery. , tampering with a motor vehicle identifier sign, illegal trade in T-shirts and symbols of public bodies and institutions, among other criminal offenses.

money laundering

Through investigations, it was identified that money laundering is highly sophisticated, with the acquisition of luxury properties and cars in the capital, metropolitan region and coast of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, in addition to acquisitions of companies for the conversion of values, such as furniture, automotive and precious metals companies.

Arms and drug trafficking

The criminal organization had access to weapons of all types of caliber, including .50 caliber machine guns, which are capable of shooting down aircraft.

Drug trafficking is the main generator of profits for the group, which controls the entry of most drugs into the State of Rio Grande do Sul, whether by land or air. The investigation proved that the group had pilots of aircraft that daily brought in tens of kilos of drugs from abroad.

R$ 41 thousand reais – Video: Civil Police RS/Disclosure

How the leaders acted outside and inside the prison

The investigation also proved that most of the crimes committed by the group are determined and coordinated within the prison system.

The leaders of the criminal group are imprisoned in Rio Grande do Sul and federal prisons, but they continue to coordinate the group’s crimes. It was possible to verify a complex scheme of sending cell phones to the interior of the penitentiaries with the aid of drones, aiming to provide communication to the leaders.

It was also possible to ascertain the widespread commission of criminal offenses within the penitentiary system. The raffles and raffles even drew attention. As even the lottery through firearms raffles inside the penitentiaries.

The criminal group in question is linked to criminal organizations operating in other states of the federation, such as Paraná, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as international criminal organizations with members of the Mexican drug cartel, in Bolivia and Colombia.

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