Do you like dark chocolate?.. Check out these 6 health-boosting benefits

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate is one of the things that I think the majority of people love and indulge in, it is one solution to satisfy the demands of cravings and also to improve your mood, many people keep it in their fridge all the time or just store it. But have you ever wondered if it’s healthy for you or not? Just to clear your doubts, it’s totally healthy, and if you want to know more, read this article for the health benefits of dark chocolate..

The health benefits of eating dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with healthy, positive nutrients like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Here are some of the other major benefits it can provide to your health, according to the website. onlymyhealth“.

1. High content of nutrients

If you have good quality dark chocolate that contains more than 70% pure cocoa, it may actually provide nutritional benefits to your body. It has the right amount of fiber and is loaded with minerals. It also contains other nutritional compounds such as potassium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium.

A 100g bar of 70-85% dark chocolate can contain

  • 11 grams of fiber
  • 67% daily vitamin iron
  • 58% of the Daily Value for Magnesium
  • 89% of the daily need for copper
  • 98% of the Daily Value for Manganese

They also contain a moderate amount of sugar and can contain up to 600 calories per day, which is too much for chocolate, but it also contains fatty acids, dark chocolate and oleic acid that are good for your health..

2. Rich source of antioxidants

One of the benefits that a relatively large number of dark chocolate know is its rich source of antioxidants found in the diet, the oxygen radical capacity is a measure of the antioxidant activity of foods, and it also contains foods that can disarm free radicals and can cause a positive effect. On the body, antioxidants help the body provide immunity against infection and contain active ingredients.

3. Improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure

The flavanols in dark chocolate help stimulate the lining of blood vessels, which helps the body’s nerves. It contains arterioles that produce nitric oxide which enhances the functions of resisting blood flow, this can reduce blood pressure in the body and can improve blood flow as well. People with high blood pressure do not show any particular effect that may lead to taking a salt pill.

4. Raises HDL and protects harmful cholesterol from oxidation

Eating dark chocolate can help improve HDL cholesterol, and it also lowers levels of LDL Which benefits men in most cases. Cocoa powder can reduce many risks of heart disease and can reduce bad cholesterol LDL oxidizer in people.

can participate LDL It can damage other tissues such as the lining of the arteries inside your heart. Cocoa can protect lipoproteins from the oxidative damage that occurs in your body. The flavanols in dark chocolate help reduce insulin resistance and can even prevent you from developing diseases like diabetes and heart failure..

5. Protects your skin from sunlight

The bioactive compounds found in dark chocolate can greatly help your skin. It can protect you from sun damage, improve blood flow in the skin and increase skin density as well as hydration. The minimum dose of erythema is the minimal amount of ultraviolet radiation that causes redness of the skin within 24 hours after exposure. If you are planning a vacation, you can consider eating some extra dark chocolate in the previous weeks to improve your skincare routine.

6. Improves brain function

Dark chocolate can also improve your brain functions. Dark chocolate, which is high in flavanols, can improve blood flow in the brain. Cocoa also has a significant positive effect on the cognitive functions of the brain. Dark chocolate can be especially beneficial for older adults who suffer from: Mild cognitive impairment, it also improves verbal fluency and many other risk factors as well. Cocoa contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine that can be essential for brain health.