Diego Rossi: My style of play is to play a little more vertically

Diego Rossi, who is one of the names that have been out of Fenerbahçe in the last period, made important statements. The Uruguayan footballer, with whom the Yellow Lacivertliler signed a 3-year contract, was a guest of the “Interview of the Day” program broadcast on Fenerbahçe TV.

Diego Rossi, who started his speech by making a general assessment about the progress of the team, said about the beautiful atmosphere, “We are going through a good period right now. Our results also help us to work better and get better results. Of course, it is very nice to continue by winning game by game. It definitely affects our work in a positive way. It creates a nice atmosphere, but also raises expectations.” said.

Commenting on the next episode of the season, Rossi said, “The last period of the season will be a difficult period. The last period of the seasons is always very decisive. Therefore, the difficulty level of the matches definitely increases in these periods. We need to keep our concentration high. We want to win all the remaining matches and we continue to work for that.” he said.

Regarding his own performance, the Uruguayan footballer said, “When every player plays back-to-back matches, he gets great support in terms of increasing his performance. Playing matches in a row helps the player a lot to increase his performance. I also had the opportunity to play in the top 11 in the last matches. When I play, I try to do my best and help my team. I hope my performance continues like this, but more importantly, I hope we continue to get 3 points.” made its assessment.

Regarding the adaptation process he went through after his transfer to Fenerbahçe at the beginning of the season, Rossi said, “Every country and every league has its own characteristics. In this sense, when I compare football in my country, Uruguay, I think that the features here are similar. I think this helped a lot in my adaptation process. Since each league has different characteristics, this adaptation period may be longer for some players and shorter for some players. But every player wants to get through this process as soon as possible.” he said.

Contract description

Speaking about the 3-year contract, Diego Rossi said, “I am really happy to be here. I want to give so much to this club. I want to do my best and give my all on the pitch for every game I play for this club.” said.

Expressing that he feels happy to be in Fenerbahçe, Rossi said, “Everything was new for us when we first came here. We had to adapt to the city and the club. After getting used to the club and the city, we started to really enjoy it. We were very happy after getting to know the city. My family and I both feel very happy to be here.” used the expressions.

Explained his style of play

Expressing that he is a player who likes to score goals, Rossi said about his position and player characteristics on the field: “Players always want to help their team. It could be a goal or an assist. But players always want to help their team. Especially strikers want to help in terms of goals. This is how I want to continue my goals. That’s my style of play too. I like to play vertically and always close to the goal. This is how I am characterized by my position.” made the statement.

Regarding the friendship environment within the team, Diego Rossi said, “This is very important for the players. It’s very important for a team. Having a good team and a good energy is definitely very important. It is very important for the players to have a nice environment during these busy periods when we prepare for the matches. The results we have obtained also have a positive effect on the indoor environment. It’s going well so far. Speaking the same language is very important. There are a lot of English speaking players in our team. Everyone can easily communicate with each other. It is very important that everyone is on good terms with each other.” he said.

memory of Jose Sosa

Also speaking about a memory he had with Jose Sosa, Rossi said, “(Laughing) I remember. He was angry with me after that game because we had actually talked before that game that if I scored a goal, I would dedicate this goal to him. I didn’t do it in that game, but after a goal after I scored – we are drinking mate tea – I made a reference to him, but we did not talk about it with you. said.

Derby review

Speaking about the 2-0 Galatasaray derby, Diego Rossi said:

“Derby matches are always very important. In fact, they are the most important matches of the year. It is a very good feeling to win these matches. We were at home, in front of our fans in the last derby match we played, our fans created a perfect atmosphere. It was really beautiful. It is undoubtedly very nice for every football player to play such matches.”

Message to fans

Speaking about the atmosphere created by the fans in the stands, especially in the last matches, Rossi said, “There is no doubt that the support of the fans is very important for us players. Our stadium was full in the last matches and it is a very good feeling for all players to play in such atmospheres. Our fans should be with us because their support for us also helps a lot with the performance of the players.” made its assessment.

Expressing his thoughts on the away game against Çaykur Rizespor on Friday, April 22, Diego Rossi said, “There is a little time left until the end of the season. All the matches we will play in this process will be very important. This is how we approach all matches. You need to focus on each match you will play separately. Each match has its own meaning. Every match is special. We want to give our best in all of these matches and win them all.” said.

World Cup review

Regarding the fact that Uruguay will take part in the World Cup to be held in Qatar, Rossi said, “Going to the World Cup with Uruguay would be a dream come true. All players want to take part in the World Cup. I will prepare my best to take part in that tournament. We are in the same group as South Korea. It will be nice to meet Kim Min-Jae. We spend every day together here. There is no doubt that it will be good for both of us to be rivals in those matches. After the draw (with Kim Min-Jae) we joked, ‘We’re rivals now.’ saying. At the same time, we said, ‘May the best in these matches win.’” He said.

Regarding the fact that he will be a rival in the World Cup with his teammate, “This is football. These are part of football. As you progress in your career, you may encounter such situations. When you encounter such situations, you can get used to such situations. It’s actually a good thing. Although it may seem strange at the beginning of your career, it is something you get used to over time.” Commenting on this, Diego Rossi said that his family members watched the matches with the following words:

“They try to come to the stadium and watch me whenever possible. Especially since my wife is here with me all year, she comes to every game. When my family members who are not here come here from Uruguay, they definitely come to watch the match at the stadium.”