Corruption in Spanish football! Their tapes are out, big scandal…

The conversation between Gerard Pique, captain of Spain’s La Liga giant Barcelona, ​​and Luis Rubiales, the President of the Spanish Football Federation, fell like a bomb on the country’s agenda.

In the incident disclosed by El Confidencial, Kosmos company, owned and CEO of star football player Gerard Pique, contacted Rubiales, the head of the federation, to organize the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia. The corruption exposed that Pique’s company receives 6 million euro commissions from Saudi officials every year, and that President Rubiales is so willing to broker the deal, even though the federation and clubs earn much less.

With the deciphering of the conversations, Gerard Pique made statements on the subject in his twitch live broadcast. In the conversation between Pique and Rubiales, “Rubi, it’s all a matter of money. If Real Madrid wants 8, give 8. Then you give 8 to Barça. 3rd club becomes 2, 4th club 1 million euros. All of them are 19. “We’ll go to Saudi Arabia and do our job. If you can’t convince Real Madrid, it won’t work.”


Rubiales answered by calling Pique a few days later. The president of the federation said, “I talked to Real Madrid, they haven’t answered yet, but I think they will say ‘no’. They are just that… boy. We said we need stadiums with more capacity.” says.



On September 15, 2019, Rubiales phoned Gerard Pique, this time congratulating him. Rubiales said, “Congratulations. This is not for your goal and your performance, but for the signatures at 12 o’clock. We will play the cup match in Saudi Arabia. Whatever you need, you can call me.” uses expressions.



The Spanish Super Cup was first held in Saudi Arabia in January 2020. Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid in the final. Weeks later, when allegations emerged that Pique’s company Kosmos was mediating and making money from the deal, federation president Rubiales flatly denied these allegations.



After the leak of the tapes of Gerrard Pique’s meeting with the President of the Spanish Football Federation Rubieles, he made a live broadcast on social media and made a statement. Streaming live from his personal twitch account, Pique admitted that he made money while carrying the Super Cup organization to Saudi Arabia through his company, and stated that he would not apologize and used the following statements about the developments:


“Everything we do is legal. There is nothing to hide. I talked to the Spanish Federation to take the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, we suggested this to make the tournament more interesting. This was a great opportunity for the Federation. Before changing the format, they were making 120 thousand euros. After this tournament, they won 40 million Euros. The commission I received is at a level that can be seen as normal in the world we live in. It varies between 10-15 percent. We apply these rates in accordance with the management style determined by the agency.”


“El Confidencial newspaper called me a week ago and said they had audio recordings. They said it would come up, so I told them I didn’t care. You don’t have to be too smart to guess who made these sound recordings! The President of the Spanish Federation is already holding Real Madrid. We made the format change in 2020. If the format had not changed, Real Madrid would not have been able to win in this competition. Since Real Madrid could not win the league or the King’s Cup, there was a system change and they won the Super Cup 2 times.”


“I am proud of our company called Kosmos. We have partnerships in UEFA, Spain, La Liga and they continue. I don’t plan to retire anytime soon. I want to get back on the field as soon as possible and play in the next Real Sociedad match. These events give me motivation to play for a few more years. I know that it is not right for an actively playing football player to do such a job, but I do not intend to apologize for that. Everyone may have a different opinion on this matter, mine are like this. I didn’t do business with Kosmos just to make money. As you know, I’ve had a very good life, I can spend my whole life lying on the sofa and doing nothing. In the society we live in, producing and making money is considered a success, and I like to do that.”


Star football player Pique lost many followers on social media after this incident.

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