Cantinflas: the mysterious whereabouts of the inheritance of the Golden Cinema actor

Cantinflas is one of the most iconic actors of the Golden Cinema era. (Photo: INAH)

Mario Morenobetter known as Cantinflaswas a well-known Mexican actor who stood out during the Mexican Golden Cinema Era, which was characterized by his white humor and his way of being. Her full name was Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes.

Cantinflas He died on a day like today, April 20, but in 1993, 29 years ago. The Mexican actor left an estimated fortune of between USD 68 and 70 million. However, his son Mario Moreno Cantinflas Ivanova denounced that, when he went to claim the money from his father’s inheritance, he found the almost empty bank account

The executives did not know what to tell him about the whereabouts of the money his father had left over which he allegedly only he had the right. In the middle, he faced a legal battle with one of his cousins, who assured that the comedian had left him part of his estate.

In an interview, the son of Cantinflas said that his father had accounts in various countriesincluding Mexico, and that in the account where there were supposedly between USD 68 and 70 million, they only found 13 thousand pesos.

Cantinflas became the highest paid comedian in the world, surpassing figures such as Chaplin.
Cantinflas became the highest paid comedian in the world, surpassing figures such as Chaplin.

“My dad I had accounts in Spain, Cayman Islands, New York and Mexicoand when he died I went to the banks to report the death to freeze them and make inventories of the inheritance, but in the balance of Banamexwhere I knew there was like 68 or 70 million dollarswe only found 13 thousand new pesos”.

From the age of 26, Cantinflas played various roles in the world of cinema. He became known worldwide in 1956, for his role in Around the World in 80 Daysa film for which he won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a musical comedy.

Cantinflas is believed to have won, in the 1950s, USD 1.5 million per year, a sum that made him the highest paid comedian in the world. It was located above Jerry Lewis and Charlie Chaplin. Apart from his career as an actor and comedian, Cantinflas was characterized by his entrepreneurial spirit and his philanthropic facet, as he helped people in need in his town.

The money he earned from his early film jobs was invested in numerous business ventures, including two film companies, office buildings, and an 800-hectare bull-breeding establishment on the highway that connects Mexico City with Mexico City. Guadalajara.

It is estimated that Mario Moreno earned, in the 1950s, USD 1.5 million per year.  EFE/Jaime Pato/ct/File
It is estimated that Mario Moreno earned, in the 1950s, USD 1.5 million per year. EFE/Jaime Pato/ct/File

The newspaper New York Timespoints out that the actor’s inheritance was made up of various propertiesamong which was a summer house in an exclusive area of ​​Acapulco, valued at USD 13 million at the time; a field of more than 400 hectares known as La Purisima, in Ixtlahuaca, and four other houses and apartments. Also, he owned a chain of barbershops and beauty salons; a private art collection; a private plane; cars and high-value jewelry.

Although he had left a single heir, according to the will that his son had, there was also a dispute over the intellectual property rights of their films. Her nephew Eduardo Moreno Leparade claimed to have documents proving that, shortly before he died of lung cancer, Cantinflas had given him the rights to his films.

After more than 20 years, in 2014, the Supreme Court of Mexico determined that he was indeed the successor to his uncle’s film rights.

The son of Cantinflas, Moreno Ivanova, died in 2017 from a cardiorespiratory arrest and his father’s legacy passed to Tita Marbez, his wife, from whom he had separated at the time of his death. In early 2020, the woman herself declared that the inheritance she received did not include any property of the iconic actor, and he did not know if the house in Acapulco, the La Purisima hacienda or some other property originally figured among Cantinflas’ assets.

Cantinflas's son once stated that he had to sell some of his father's properties to survive.  PHOTO:
Cantinflas’s son once stated that he had to sell some of his father’s properties to survive. PHOTO:

In an interview, Moreno Ivanova stated that throughout her life, she had had to sell part of the properties, including houses, ranches and hotels, in order to survive.

To date, the assumptions $70 million that was in the bank, they are a mysterySince Moreno Ivanova repeatedly stated that there were only 13,000 pesos in the account, but it was never revealed what had finally happened to his father’s supposed fortune.


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