C6 Bank launches new payment account; does it come automatic income, like Nubank?

C6 Bank customers will now have a payment account at C6 Corretora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários (C6 CTVM). The best thing is that users will not have to pay anything extra for this new service, nor change Pix keys and account, agency and card numbers, as they will remain the same.

With the change, recently announced by the institution, the customer will be guaranteed 100% of the deposited amount, which gives more security. The money in the account will also be backed by federal government bonds with the Central Bank and will not be limited to R$250,000 from the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).

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Is there automatic income coming around?

Currently, C6 Bank does not have automatic income on the current account, but one of the announced changes raises a question: will the new account have automatic income? The question arises because other digital accounts that offer this service, such as PicPay and Nubank, also link the balance deposited to federal government bonds, as C6 will do.

This change does not necessarily have this implication, and provides customers with the benefit of having greater security and coverage beyond the FGC limit. But an account with automatic income would be a good strategy as it has the potential to attract many users looking for simplification.

Therefore, while the hypothesis is not confirmed, the C6 Bank customer who seeks to see their money pay off needs to invest in one of the products offered by the institution. C6 has one of the most complete investment platforms on the market. For the initial contribution, the user can invest only R$ 20.00 and create a reserve or even start a diversified investment portfolio.

How to earn income at C6 Bank today?

Currently, C6 Bank has two platforms for its user to invest money to obtain income, check it out below.

C6 Invest

On this platform there are several ways for the user to invest their money with an investment from R$ 20.00, being them, CDBs with pre and post fixed options and investment funds, such as:

  • fixed income;
  • Variable income;
  • Shares;
  • foreign exchange;
  • Multimarkets;
  • Futures Markets;
  • Private Pension.

C6 TechInvest

Through technology, after the client fills in a questionnaire, C6 TechInvest suggests a personalized portfolio, without the need for intermediaries, providing the best profitability for that specific risk. The minimum investment in this category is R$1,000 and the management fee is 0.7% per year.

Nubank automatic income

Unlike C6 Bank, Nubank already offers its customers automatic income in their current accounts, with 100% of the CDI, that is, it pays exactly the value of the CDI rate, which is 11.65%. Therefore, the monthly yield is 0.9708%.

In this way, the user who puts the amount of R$ 1 thousand in NuConta, will have, if he does not move the balance, an income of R$ 9.70 per month, reaching a total of R$ 116.50 in 12 months.

Note: we contacted the advice of C6 Bank and, unfortunately, they revealed to us that there will be no automatic income, check out the note:

The payment account does not have automatic income. The change does not bring any change in the customer’s daily life. If he has more than BRL 250,000 in balance, the entire amount is protected and not just the FGC limit.

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Image: Brenda Rocha – Blossom / Shutterstock.com